Membership and Recruitment policy: Young members

Enabling young members to develop in an all-female environment makes a positive contribution to their self-confidence and self-esteem

The all-female environment means that girls and women have to take responsibility for making things happen

Leadership skills and self-reliance can be developed without the added pressures of a mixed-gender setting.

Research shows that young members appreciate the opportunity afforded by Girlguiding to ‘be themselves’ without the pressures of belonging to mixed groups.

  • Youth membership of Girlguiding is voluntary and is open to any girl or young woman aged between her 5th (4th in Northern Ireland) and 26th birthdays, regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality or any other circumstance.
  • Parents or persons with parental responsibility must agree to basic accurate information being held on Girlguiding membership systems. It is the responsibility of the Unit Leader to ensure that these records are kept up to date.
  • A young member makes, or works towards making, the Promise appropriate to the section to which she belongs.

Published: 8 September 2016