Learning and Development policy

Girlguiding is committed to encouraging learning and skills development

Learning and Development policy statement

Girlguiding encourages the development of skills through ongoing learning and development opportunities. In addition, Girlguiding values any relevant experience and/or qualifications which may have been gained outside guiding.

Girlguiding is committed to:

  • the principle of recognising prior learning and experience from within and outside guiding
  • providing a competence-based approach to its training and qualifications.

Potential Leaders of Girlguiding units must complete Girlguiding’s Leadership Qualification. All adult members and recognised volunteers are encouraged to undertake informal learning and development in support of their roles in guiding and their own personal development.

Girlguiding believes that learning and development in guiding results in better programme experiences for girls and young women. A range of learning and development opportunities are offered to all its members and recognised volunteers. Some of these lead to formal qualifications recognised within and outside the guiding.

Learning and development opportunities are organised by Girlguiding, through methods such as workshops, forums and residential weekends at Training and Activity Centres. Opportunities are also offered at Country/Region and local levels.

Details of local training opportunities and qualifications are available from Commissioners and Advisers/Coordinators. Have a look at our national outdoor activity qualification syllabuses too. 

Girlguiding aims to enable girls and young women to develop their potential and to make a difference to the world. Our programme for each section imparts non-formal education, promoting girls’ spiritual, social, moral, physical, intellectual and emotional development in age-appropriate ways. For more information, see Girlguiding’s Educational Framework.

Published: 8 September 2016

Girlguiding policies and procedures are reviewed and updated from time to time as part of a review cycle.