Finance and Property policy: Fundraising

Rules and principles for fundraising

Fundraising practice

Fundraising practice must follow the fundraising provisions of the Charities Acts and other relevant legislation, and local government bye-laws.

Gifts or donations from a unit or area to an individual or another charity must not be made from general funds, but must be made with money collected for that specific purpose.

Funds raised for a declared specific purpose must be used only for that purpose. The income and expenditure must be shown separately in the unit's or area's accounts and may be deposited or invested separately from the general funds, if desired. Funds may be raised for more than one purpose at the same time (eg a children's charity and the unit) provided all beneficiaries are listed on any promotional literature, sponsor forms, collecting buckets etc.


Sponsorship is the giving of money or gifts in kind, or both, by another organisation in return for benefits from Girlguiding (such as having its name on materials produced) which are of commercial benefit to the partner organisation. As such, the money or gifts in kind usually come from the organisation's marketing or education budgets.

Fundraising, by contrast, is soliciting goods or money from an organisation without offering any direct benefit to the organisation. This money usually comes from a community budget. Note that gaining media coverage for a donation given by a company does not make the gift into sponsorship.


Grants are often available, from both within and outside guiding, for example to help towards the cost of travel, training, research or accommodation.

Find out more about grants available from Girlguiding.

Prize money

Prize money won in a competition by a member of Girlguiding acting as such is kept by her unless specified otherwise in the competition rules.

Balloon Releases

Environmentally, balloon releases do a lot of damage and can affect farming and marine habitats in an adverse way. If you have already planned to hold a large balloon release we would advise you to ensure that the balloons are bio-degradable and ask that you do not attach string, ribbon or tags to the balloons. We would strongly recommend that this type of spectacle is avoided if at all possible in your future plans.

Sky Lanterns/Chinese Lanterns

These, like balloons, eventually fall to the ground and can cause considerable harm to wild life and the environment. The wire element of the lantern in particular could kill any animal that eats it and causes damage to farm machinery.  We would strongly recommend that this type of spectacle is avoided if at all possible in your future plans.

Published: 8 September 2016