Finance and Property policy: Annual subscription

How the annual subscription works and what it covers

Girlguiding sets a subscription which is agreed on an annual basis

In addition, a further subscription may be set by the:

  • Country or Region
  • County
  • Division
  • District

All subscriptions are collected centrally and reimbursed to local guiding areas as appropriate.  

The annual subscription is payable by all members based on their membership and role on Go!. No member pays more than once.

For example, if a member has more than one role they will only pay the annual subscription once, usually at the most local level.  Each individual pays at the level where they hold their ‘main role’ as specified on GO.

The money collected via the annual subscription benefits guiding at local and national levels.

It covers necessary running costs and ensures that we meet the needs of our members at all times.

It also finances:

  • the development of resources for girls and adults
  • insurance for all girls and adults for all guiding activities, including unit meetings
  • training for adult Leaders
  • support for Leaders and recognised volunteers.

The annual subscription may be collected in various ways. Some units charge higher regular subscriptions throughout the year to cover the fee. Some ask for it to be paid annually. Some may charge new members a joining fee.

In cases of hardship, the unit leader and the girl's parents will discuss the situation and agree a solution.