Youth participation training resources

Give leaders the resources they need to get girls fully involved in decision-making

Help leaders to get their girls fully involved in decision-making

The aim of training leaders on youth participation is to get them to understand how they can involve young members in shaping their own guiding experience. It's important to encourage participants to share examples of how they already embrace youth participation.

Help participants to understand that youth participation means total involvement - not just letting them choose an activity or game. Volunteers need to encourage girls, from Rainbows to Rangers, to take an active role and express their views.

Delivering training on youth participation

The following downloads will help you prepare your training on youth participation:

Participation on a plate

Our Participation on a plate resource is designed for leaders, and contains lots of ideas to help them involve young members in decision-making.

Girls learning to lead

Girls learning to lead: Training pack for trainers and peer educators -  Run a session for leaders and their sixers or patrol leaders, to encourage girl-led guiding and explore ways to develop girls' leadership skills. This pack should ideally be delivered together with our peer educators.