Water safety training resources

Make sure all of our girls stay safe with our Water Safety training module

Keeping girls safe in the water

In this module, participants learn to identify hazards in a variety of water environments, plan water-based activities, demonstrate safe rescue techniques and discuss first aid relevant to water activities.

Who can deliver the Water safety module?

These sessions can be delivered by:

  • Trainers holding the Water safety module 4 specialism (module 4 of the Trainer qualification).
  • Trainers and assessors of the Girlguiding Walking scheme. 
  • Current outdoor activities advisers with a specialisation in water activities and up-to-date water safety knowledge.
  • Non-members with an appropriate adult teaching qualification, knowledge of the principles of Girlguiding and an up-to-date water safety qualification - see the training module below for more information.

This training can also be provided by two people who together fulfil the above requirements. For example, if you have water safety expertise, but do not hold an adult teaching qualification, you can work with a Girlguiding trainer to deliver these sessions.

Delivering training on water safety

It's important that you follow this module exactly as it's written, because of the risks involved in water activities.

Following the module in this way will also ensure that Walking scheme candidates will have completed the Water safety module of the Walking scheme.

More information on water safety

We have more information on water safety on our pages on planning activities.