Travelling abroad training resources

Give our volunteers the know-how so they can take their girls abroad

Support volunteers to go away with guiding

We want our young members to have as much opportunity as possible to grow and learn through adventure. One great way to guarantee this is by taking them on an exciting trip abroad.

To give our volunteers the knowledge and confidence they need to take their girls on holiday, we've created the Travelling abroad module, which contains five training sessions on planning and running a residential in another country. These sessions should inspire and motivate Leaders to take girls and young women away internationally, so you need to create an atmosphere that is fun and supportive.

Who can deliver the Travelling abroad module?

To deliver these sessions you need to either

  • Hold or be working towards the International or Travelling abroad module 4 specialism
  • Or be an international adviser

We strongly recommended that trainers and international advisers work together when delivering a session, so they can share their expert knowledge.

Delivering training on Travelling abroad

The training programme has three areas, and these are split into five two-hour sessions. Each session consists of a trainers' manual, containing a session plan and activity materials, and a PowerPoint.

Notes on using this training

The information in each of the above packs supports the running of each session individually.

If you are combining sessions, you won’t need to deliver the icebreaker activities every time. Some activities are marked as optional, so you can lengthen or shorten your session to suit the time available.