Membership growth training resources

Give volunteers the tools they need to recruit and retain girls and volunteers

Empower our members to involve more volunteers and reach more girls

The membership growth trainer’s toolkit is a set of activities, resources and session plans to support growing guiding and keep existing members committed and engaged.

Different areas have different needs, so this toolkit is designed to be flexible and uses existing resources and activities.

You can mix and match resources and activities to suit your aims, whether you're dropping a craft activity into a division/district meeting, or delivering a two-hour session at a county training day.

Delivering training on growing guiding

Here are some useful resources to help you plan your sessions on recruiting and retaining members.

  • Membership growth trainer’s toolkit: A set of training resources, session plans and activities covering the journey from promotion and recruitment of guiding through to retaining current members. This toolkit contains all previous, separate growth training toolkits. It's a large file so please be aware when downloading.
  • Example membership tracker (completed): A completed copy of a membership tracking tool, for use with activity 2g. Tracking your membership.
  • Membership growth  presentation: Presentation referenced in the toolkit session plans. This can be adapted to support the welcoming of new volunteers, support retention and highlight Girlguiding’s key messages, and includes an aim and objective slide you can personalise.