Leading and managing people training resources

Explore how our volunteers can best support and collaborate with their teams

Enhance the leadership and management skills of our volunteers

Volunteers who lead or manage others need to be equipped to do so effectively.

As a trainer, it's important for you to understand the difference between leadership and management as training on these will require different approaches.

Training on management

Management is about organising, coordinating and following processes. It includes:

  • Making sure that Girlguiding rules and policies are adhered to
  • Making sure that deadlines are met
  • Managing relationships within the team
  • Keeping track of budgets and spending

When training, make sure you understand all of Girlguiding's processes, why they are in place and how they are used. Being confident in these processes will make it easier to clarify them for participants, and help volunteers understand what they mean in practice.

Training on leadership

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating others. It includes:

  • Encouraging others to develop their skills
  • Sharing long-term visions with the team
  • Caring for the concerns of others
  • Demonstrating good practice

When training on leadership, help participants to consider how the needs of their team members can be addressed and how their skills can be best used. Training will often involve time spent on reflection and sharing best practice.

Delivering training on leadership and management

We've created five toolkits on various aspects of leadership and management to use when delivering training.