Renewing your Trainer qualification

You will be required to renew your Trainer qualification every three years, to make sure you are providing the best learning opportunities for our volunteers

You need to renew your qualification every three years to ensure that:

  • Your training practice continues to meet the high standards of Girlguiding
  • You remain up to date with the initiatives associated with your Girlguiding role(s)
  • You can best promote our projects and initiatives through your training
  • You continue to demonstrate the guiding method through your role(s)
  • Your development needs are identified and met

How do I renew my Trainer qualification?

The Trainer qualification renewal process involves:

  • An observation, where someone will come and observe you delivering training
  • Updating your personal development plan to reflect your progress

When it's time to renew your Trainer qualification, your local trainer coordinator will contact you and guide you through the process step-by-step.

What happens if concerns are raised about my renewal?

If any issues are raised during your observation, your observer will talk you through their concerns and find out how they can best support you. For more information on our concerns process, see our concerns page.

Observing trainers

If you're observing trainers during their renewal process, here are the documents and guidelines you'll need: