Module 6: Leading a team of trainers

Ready for the next step? Become a lead trainer and manage a team

About this module

This module will equip you to take on the role of lead trainer, and lead a team of two or more trainers at an event. A lead trainer is someone who has the skills, knowledge and experience to effectively lead and support a training team at residentials, day events and county days.

To take this module, you will need:

  • a Trainer qualification (TQ) with module 5
  • experience of successfully coordinating a team of adults to deliver a Girlguiding event in the last three years*, and be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to do this
  • a reference from the relevant commissioner for this event, which will be requested by your country/region trainer or Trainer qualification coordinator
  • to have discussed your intention with, and be supported by, your country or region trainer or Trainer qualification coordinator.

 *This does not need to be a training event - it could be an event for girls coordinated by an adult team. It cannot be a unit event or an event that was assessed for another Trainer qualification module.

What you'll need to do

To complete module 6, you'll need to:

  • discuss your experience of coordinating an event with your tutor, record your learning and any transferable skills gained
  • be on a training team as an active trainer for a training event which is led by a module 6 holder
  • demonstrate your knowledge of team and project management, including delegation, communication, chairing meetings, dealing with challenges, inclusion and flexibility, and presentation skills
  • lead a training team at a training event, delivering at least one training session.

Download this module

Our download gives a full list of requirements for this module, as well as tools to help your tutor support you.