Module 3: Programme

Our programme is a core part of the guiding offer - train our volunteers to get the most from it

Help volunteers to provide girls with a programme filled with fun, adventure and personal development

About this module

To complete this module, you'll need to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of our current programme, and its foundations - The Five Essentials and our Educational Framework

You can take this module if you:

  • have completed your Leadership qualification
  • are currently working with girls on a regular basis, such as in a unit or district role.

For this module, you will need to demonstrate an ability to train in any section, rather than focusing on a specific section. However, once qualified, you may choose to specialise in one section.

Module 3 is an optional module. To become a Girlguiding qualified trainer, you have to complete one optional module alongside module 1, which is compulsory.

What you'll need to do

Demonstrate a full working knowledge of the programme for each section, including:

  • The Five Essentials and how they work
  • key programme elements
  • the practical application of good guiding
  • supporting resources for both leaders, and girls and young women
  • development within our Educational Framework.

You'll also need to show good knowledge of our website, section e-mailings, and opportunities and resources available from WAGGGS.

Download this module

Our module download gives a full list of requirements for this course, as well as tools to help your Tutor support you.