Trainer qualification

Our Trainer qualification will help you to harness your own experiences and knowledge in training others

Learn how to pass on your skills and knowledge with our Trainer qualification.

This flexible qualification is practically assessed, meaning you will plan and run training sessions as part of the assessment. You will be assigned a tutor, who will be available to advise you along the way and review your progress.

To gain the Trainer qualification, you'll have to complete a minimum of two modules from the course. Module 1 - Training for Girlguiding is compulsory, and then you can chose an additional module from the list below.

Once you have completed your Trainer qualification, you will receive a badge and a certificate, and your GO record will be updated to show your trainer role.

How do I get started?

You will need to become a prospective trainer first, so follow our instructions on Becoming a trainer. You will then be assigned a tutor who will take you through the qualification step by step.

Training for qualified trainers

Once you're a trainer, there is no limit to the number of specialisms you can hold.

You may want to complete modules 2 or 3 if you haven't already, or select another specialism from module 4. Many of our trainers are equipped to train on more than one subject.

There are two additional modules designed for qualified trainers, which focus on managing training events and teams within Girlguiding. You will need to complete module 5 before you can take module 6.

Speak to your local trainer coordinator for more information about taking on additional modules.

Recognised prior learning for A Safe Space trainers

Girlguiding wants to make the process of becoming a trainer easier. If you have previous experience in a related field, you may be exempt from the requirements of the Girlguiding Trainer Qualification. Learn more in the PDF document about recognised prior learning.

Learn more about our Trainer qualification

Do you have questions about how our Trainer qualification works? Download our full guidance.