What members are saying

Your questions and thoughts about changes to the programme

What are members saying about our journey to a new programme? And what questions have you asked? 

We're looking forward to it

Lots of you got in contact to say how excited you were about the changes. 

We like the snazzy new look of the guiding magazine and can't wait to hear more about the new programme. - 14th Bury St Edmunds
I'm pleased to see more emphasis on skills, and progressive badges (at the moment some Guide badges are easier than the same named one in Brownies), and I think my Senior Section girls will like the sound of this. - Grange Guides
Looking forward to seeing how the new programme develops - since I run a joint unit I'm certainly looking forward to having themes that go across the age groups. - Frances

Suggestions for the new programme

You’ve shared thoughts about what subjects should be included

I would like to see a swimming skills staged badge. This would make awarding appropriate badges to girls locally easier, as many girls do swimming. - Abigail
Please can we incorporate music into the new programme? - Julie

What is the scope for a staged climbing badge? I run a climbing club and it would be lovely to have. - Sarah

Suggestions like these will be passed on to the programme team.

Changes to The Senior Section

The transformation of The Senior Section is one of the biggest changes to happen as part of the programme renewal. Here is just a sample of your comments and questions.

Will girls have to leave on their 18th birthday? Or can they continue in guiding until the end of the academic year – even though that may be almost up to their 19th birthday in the case of autumn-born girls? - Jenny
What if an over 18 still wants to attend? Will we have to say no? - Sian, Kathryn and Amanda

I regularly attend a Senior Section group as a participant, and enjoy being a 'big kid'. The Senior Section has given me the opportunity to meet loads of new people and attend events as a participant that otherwise, I would have to go to as a Leader or not at all. - Lucy

We've addressed your thoughts about changes to The Senior Section.

Who did Girlguiding consult?

You've asked how we spoke to members about these changes.

Who has been involved with the consultation process? - Nicola
Who did you consult? Was it the whole of the UK? - Girlguiding member

Read our blog on how we consulted members.

Once The Senior Section age range changes can older girls with disabilities remain in the units?

So what happens to special needs units where most of the girls are over 18 many of which struggle to communicate or have severe learning needs? - Anita
We think if a girl has to repeat a year at school they should also not be singled out and should be able to stay in Rangers until the end of her formal education - girls with additional needs should be considered on a case-by-case basis. – Alexandra Park Rangers

Visit the Information for The Senior Section page for details of our inclusion policy.

Getting involved

Lots of you emailed to check you and other members could get involved. 

Can units from British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO) be in the testing pool for the new programme? We would relish being involved. - Barbara
You have consulted lots of people – but we don’t know of anyone who has been involved up here in the wilds of the Fens! We would like to be included please if possible. - Sheila

It's really simple to do that. We want people from all over the UK and from BGO to get involved - in fact some groups from BGO are already part of testing.

Join our testing pool or look for more opportunities on the our journey hub.

More comments 

You've sent us lots more questions and comments. Take a look below to see what else members are saying. 

We received a few questions about new parts of the programme and the practicalities.

Thanks for all the information, all looks exciting. One question I have is about the terminology 'pick up and go programme'. How do the girls get to chose their unit activities? Will they still have a say in their programme? - Sam
Will we still have the flexibility to run a programme that fits with the needs/wants of the girls and the interests/abilities of the Leaders? - Katrina
Will the familiarity of the same challenge areas through each section, take away the fun, challenge and looking forward to something new? - Jean 
Will we be testing our new programme resources against average reading ages? - A member
Will there be visual icons for the new themes? - Frances

I am very excited to hear about the forth coming changes to guiding. I would just like to reiterate two things – we need a good handbook and badge books. – Dawn 

Our page on Information for Leaders has the answers.

You have sent us questions about specific bits of current programme. You have sent us some concerns too, which we will aim to address through future communications.

Will we be changing all the badges? - Judith
Will the Queen's Guide Award be changed so 14 year old girls can do it? How will it be managed? 

Read our blog on what bits of programme are changing to find out more.


Do you envisage all of the new badge syllabi being available at one time, or do you have a plan for a gradual roll out? Either way, what's your expected timeline for this? – Lis

We explain this on our timeline

Answers to your questions

We're constantly updating the our journey web hub with more information. So keep checking back and exploring the pages.