Unit meeting activities

How to use these activity cards in your units

For small groups or whole units, our programme includes a suite of fun, ready-to-go unit meeting activities of varying lengths and styles, which can be used in a mix-and-match form based on the time you have.

Unit meeting activities are designed to be pick-up-and-go resources on an array of exciting topics your girls want to explore. They’re designed to encourage all girls to get involved and participate in the activity. You may want to use a 10-minute activity at the end of your unit meeting or do a longer activity to introduce girls to a topic that you are going to explore as a unit. And they all fit under our six programme themes.

You asked us to develop more high-quality activities specifically for the meeting place. So we’ve worked with members to develop lots of exciting activities in the new programme. The template for the new unit meeting activities was designed in consultation with 538 girls. We’ve also tested the activities with more than 11,000 girls across all sections to make sure they are girl-led, meet the needs of young members and can be easily delivered by leaders.

‘I've been a leader for 12 years now and while yes, some of the UMA’s are old ideas repackaged, some of these are new to me and what I really like is the fact they are time-estimated, clearly state any equipment needed and would be just great for assembling an ad hoc meeting when our Plan A and Plan B for the night can't be done.’ - Leader who tested the activities

Unit meeting activities aren’t just for fun, they form a core part of our programme and are vital when working towards Theme awards. You can record the activities you do in each meeting in the recording section of GO.

Packed full of fun

Unit meeting activities come as packs of 12 bright and colourful cards, covering a range of topics from within our six themes.

Pack 1 was sent out as a free taster pack to all unit leader contacts in GO.

This pack is now available, along with additional Packs 2 and 3 in the Girlguiding Shop. There are age-appropriate versions of each pack, with different activities, for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers. And each pack includes topics within each of our six themes. So you can just buy what you need for your unit.

Pack 1 contains the topics storytelling, personal safety, survival skills, guiding traditions, DIY and community action.

Pack 2 includes all new activities on the topics of storytelling, personal safety, survival skills, guiding traditions, DIY and community action.

Pack 3 introduces new topics - fair play, 3D craft and design, get guiding, money, exploring nature and save the planet

We’ll be releasing new packs throughout the year – so there’ll always be plenty of unit meeting activities to try.

Our thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery who have supported the free taster packs.

Pick up a pack!

Buy packs of activities for your unit from our online shop or your local volunteer shop.

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