Information for The Senior Section about changes

More on what members of The Senior Section and their leaders need to know about changes to the programme

The new name, brand and identity for 14 to 18 year olds

We’re excited to reveal that the name for the new 14-18 section is ‘Rangers’.

How did we get here?

We’ve been working with young members (aged 12 to 25) and volunteers of The Senior Section to find a name and look for this new section for young women aged 14-18.

  • In June, we ran a workshop with Guides and Senior Section units to find out what's important for everyone to think about when naming the section.
  • Based on what they told us we asked all members to send us any suggestions they have for names, and over 1800 members got involved.
  • In July, we invited young members (aged 12 to 18) who were involved in the January creative workshop to help us shortlist preferred names.
  • During August, these names were reviewed by our legal team to check that we were likely to be successful with any trademark application.
  • In September, we sent a survey to 12 to 14-year-old Guides (via parents), members of The Senior Section, Senior Section volunteers and non-members aged 12-18 years old, asking them to help us select their favourite name.

This whole process brought us to ‘Rangers’. Thank you to everyone who was involved.

Read more on our route for The Senior Section rebrand.

The role of 18 to 25 year olds

We want to make sure that you all have the chance to take on exciting and challenging opportunities wherever you are in your guiding journey. So you’re welcome to stay in the new 14-18 section up to your 19th birthday. This will help keep the familiarity of your regular unit meetings as you move from school or college into work, higher education or wherever else life takes you. 

But of course you’ll still be an important part of Girlguiding beyond 19. If you don’t want to be a leader, there are still lots of exciting opportunities available in Girlguiding, such as peer education, the Queen’s Guide Award, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and international adventures like Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD). We hope you’ll get involved!

Our new lead volunteer for the 18-25 offer

We’re really excited to share that Rosalyn Old will be lead volunteer for the 18-25 offer. Ros, aged 27, has recently returned to Scotland after several years in the Anglia region. She’s been a member of The Senior Section, and has a great wealth of experience with young people in this age group, both in and outside of guiding. She also spent three years as a Girlguiding trustee before stepping down in July. 

I'm really excited to be taking up this role! I'm looking forward to reaching out to hear as many voices as possible in shaping an exciting offer for this key age group going forward - Ros, Lead Volunteer 18-25

We want your views on the 18-25 offer

We want to hear from as many members as possible while we’re working on the 18-25 offer. Please look out for more information on consultation events, and email [email protected] with your views. We’re reading and considering all suggestions for the new offer.

Consultation kicked off last weekend and will continue for the next few months so please do get involved if you want to be heard. Results of the consultation will be used to create a proposal for the operational board and trustees in spring 2018. Following those conversations, we hope to be able to announce plans to members shortly afterwards. The new offer will be in place by the time the current one phases out in September 2019.

Once the new ‘Rangers’ section begins, older girls with disabilities can still remain in units

Our Equality and Diversity policy won’t be changed as a result of the new programme.

We continue to recommend that all girls and young women are supported to attend the programme most appropriate for their age. But we recognise that for some members with disabilities transitioning to the next stage of Girlguiding may present some challenges.

For members with disabilities we'll continue to be flexible on the upper age of each section. For Rangers this will be 26. This means that, if you do have a disability, you'll be able to access the most appropriate experiences for you and feel supported to move on to the next stage of guiding when you’re ready.