Timeline of programme updates

We don't know everything yet, but you will be the first to know when we do. Here's when to expect more information

We're all keen to know more about the planned programme changes 

But as you know, doing something this big to a high standard takes time. You have been sending plenty of questions to the our journey mailbox. So, although we can't answer all your queries now, the following timeline should give you an idea of when you will have more information. 

Our route to a new programme

What’s already happened in 2017

Expand the boxes below to see what we've already done and the questions we've answered. 

January 2017

January 2017

Changes to The Senior Section - You've sent us feedback and questions about changes to The Senior Section. We responded at the beginning of January. 

Submit your activity ideas - In January we invited you to send your activity ideas for some of the new themes - you can send as many as you want. Then we will ask for more activity ideas for other themes over the year.

What the new 14-18 aged section will wear - We sent out a survey in January inviting members aged 12 to 18 to tell us what they’d like to wear as part of the new section.

The new 14-18 aged section brand consultation Creative workshops with members from across the country were held in January to help develop the new name and look for 14-18 year olds in guiding.

Including everyone - Many of you have asked how we can continue our great record of including girls with additional needs if the age range for the oldest section changes. We addressed these questions in January.

February 2017

How we consulted members - We shared our methods with you at the start of February and explained what we found when we asked members about transforming The Senior Section.

The new 14-18 aged section brand feedback – We shared a selection of names with members aged 12 to 18 to get their feedback by the end of February.

March 2017

The Senior Section rebrand - We’re at the initial stages of research to create a new look and name for The Senior Section. We’re now taking more time and space to get this right, read our blog for more information.

Our new Assistant Lead Volunteer – We’re thrilled to welcome Jess Bond as the new Assistant Lead Volunteer for Programme Renewal. Jess will be leading on our plans for 18-25 year olds – you’ll hear more from her in March.

Youth researchTo make sure we deliver and communicate the new programme in the right way, research agency Ipsos MORI UK will be emailing a survey (that won’t be Girlguiding branded) to a random sample of parents (to help collate the views of 4 – 14 year olds) and members of The Senior Section in March. This will help us to understand how girls like to use digital media.

Activity submissions open – We’ve made it easier for you to share you and your girls' activity ideas for our new programme and we’d like your suggestions on new topics including plumbing, science, mechanics and navigation.

April 2017 to summer 2017

April 2017

How the new programme will be rolled out  - You've sent us some practical questions on how the new programme will be implemented and what you need to do.

Acting Lead Volunteer - While Sally Illsley is busy helping to recruit the next Chief Guide, our Assistant Lead Volunteer Jess Bond has kindly agreed to step up to be Acting Lead Volunteer on Programme Renewal, and will still be working closely with Sally on the project in her role as Deputy Chief Guide. 

By the end of May 2017

Sharing our journey  - Members from across the UK have been working together to develop our new programme, now we’re planning how to share our journey with the wider world, through a press campaign this spring.

Girls' testing pool - Over 10,000 parents (with their daughters) and 200 young members aged 14 to 18 have signed up to help test our new programme and communications -  we’ll ask some of them to try out skills builders, interest badges and communication resources over the summer.

Badge consultation -  In May we’ll start consulting members on the design of the new badges – what size and shape should they be? What should they look like? We’ll also start looking at how both Leaders and girls can keep a record of all of the new activities and badges they're doing. We’ll be asking these questions, and more, as we visit units and events around the UK. 

Summer 2017 to summer 2018

Summer 2017

Taster pack  - In late July we’re posting a free taster pack of new programme activities to each main unit contacts’ home address. Chief and county commissioners and trainers will receive a sample Rainbow pack first – so they're ready to support you when your own pack arrives. We hope you and your girls have lots of fun experimenting with the new programme in the autumn term. Please share pictures and quotes of your adventures on our official social media sites.

Autumn 2017

The Senior Section becomes 'Rangers' - After consulting with young members aged 12-25 and volunteers for The Senior Section, we’re excited to reveal that the new 14-18 section will be called ‘Rangers’. You also wanted to know the exact cut off age for our new 14-18 section. We can confirm that this will be a member’s 19th birthday. More information, including the cut off age for young members with additional needs, can be found on The Senior Section page.

Cost - We're still quality testing the new resources - once that has taken place we will be able to give you more information on the cost of the new programme and what financial support will be available. 

End of 2017 

Baden-Powell Challenge Award - We will confirm what's happening to this award by the end of 2017. 

Digital recording device - We’re considering digital options that might help unit leaders record the progress of girls and young women through the new programme, whilst keeping in mind the limitations of lack of access to digital devices and WiFi in some units. More detail will be available by the end of 2017.

Talking to you –  We’re heading out to some of our great events this year, so by the end of 2017 we’ll have spoken to lots of you about your thoughts on some of the new programme designs.

Sponsorship - Transforming our new programme is a significant task, so throughout the year we will be talking to organisations with similar values to our own about sponsorship (both financial and expertise) to help us design and deliver it, and so keep costs as low as possible for you. 

Beginning of 2018

18 – 25 year olds – The lead volunteer who will be leading this part of the planned changes, Rosalyn Old is now in post! So we’ll have more practical information about this age group by 2018.

Information for trainers – in April we’ll be providing a complete overview of the resources trainers can expect to receive in summer 2018. This information will help trainers to start planning what new programme training to deliver throughout the 18/19 academic year.

Summer 2018 to summer 2019

Summer 2018 onwards

New programme arrives - We will start rolling out the new programme and supporting Leaders to get started. Supporting materials will also be launched in summer 2018 – we’re reviewing the section handbooks to work out the best format for these to take.

Learning and development resources – we’ll launch the range of independent learning and development resources for all members. The resources will be straight forward and easy to use, at times that suit you, so you can explore how the new programme will work before the autumn. Full training resources will also be provided for trainers in preparation for in person trainings throughout academic year 2018/19.

September 2019

Retiring the current programme - We switch over to the complete new programme!

The Senior Section rebrand revealed Read our blog for more information.

We will keep updating this timeline as dates get confirmed. So when you're wondering when something will be announced - check back.

Keep in the loop

Remember to keep checking the our journey web hub and ensure you contact details are up to date on Go! so you see all the latest updates on the new programme.