Programme overview

An illustrated overview of the structure of our new programme including our newly designed theme icons

How the new parts of the programme will work together

While it’s still a work in progress, we wanted to offer you a glimpse of what the programme will look like once it’s complete with this illustrated overview of the new structure.

We’re thrilled, and hope you will be too, that girls will be able to grow along with the themes from Rainbows right up to The Senior Section. (We’re currently working with members on the full list of opportunities for 18 to 25 year olds, which is why it hasn’t been included here.)

It’s still a journey for us all – so we’ll need to work together to confirm some practical elements, such as names and branding. And throughout this year we’ll be asking members to help us finalise the finer details.

A more detailed framework will be shared in 2018.

Themes and icons

You told us the core programme themes for each section are currently not consistent enough: when a girl moves from one section to another, she is required to start a whole new journey rather than being able to recognise what she has already learned and challenge herself to build upon that. You felt this can be an obstacle to girls progressing further through the sections on their guiding journey.

Therefore in our new programme the following themes will run all the way from Rainbows right up to the new 14–18 section.

Know myself - Girls getting to know who they are, and their role in Girlguiding and the wider world. This is where our Promise sits.

Express myself - Girls showing off their creative side.

Be well - Physical and mental well-being for girls. Helping girls look after themselves and others. 

Have adventures - Girls exploring the outdoors and nature.

Take action - Empowering girls to make a difference and use their voice to help their local community and the wider world.

Skills for my future - Providing the building blocks for girls to become independent and successful in life.

Anniversary badges

These new badges will be given each year and will celebrate membership and commitment.

Interest badges

These will be done independently by girls outside of the unit and will encourage them to broaden their horizons and try new experiences. We'll make sure the activities are suitable for all.

Interest badges are a girls’ opportunity to explore her own interests, hobbies and passions outside of the unit setting. They will consist of three challenges and are designed to be as accessible as possible with minimal adult input, cost or resources needed. We’ll keep these badges updated over time so there will be lots of new challenges to come in the future!

Unit meeting activities

We listened when you said there are too few high-quality activities designed specifically for the meeting place in the existing programme.

For small groups or whole units, there will be a suite of fun, ready-to-go Unit meeting activities of varying lengths and styles, which can be used in a mix-and-match form based on the time you have.

Skills builders

You fed back that much of our existing programme is aimed at our younger members and does not stretch older girls enough, which in some cases has left them uninspired by what guiding has to offer.

Our new programme will have Skills builders to stretch and challenge girls of all abilities. These are a combination of group and independent activities. Every Skills builder will have six different stages, each requiring a more complex level of skill than the last. A girl can start at any stage depending on her skill level.

Theme awards

A combination of Unit meeting activities, Interest badges and Skills builders on the same theme will help girls build up to an Activity theme award - for example, Know myself.

Section gold awards (end of section awardsc)

Once girls have completed all six Activity theme awards within one section, they'll receive this 'top award'. 


Overall, we’ve worked with members to ensure the new programme will offer a challenging and fun range of activities that will provide girls and their Leaders with more opportunities for adventure, social action and learning new skills