Information for Leaders, Trainers and volunteers

Our volunteers make our programme happen – here’s how the changes will affect you

What you need to know about the new programme

The new programme has been written and tested by units, so you can be confident that it’s easy for leaders to use and great fun for girls. We know you’ll have questions about how it will change what you do in unit meetings, so we’ve got FAQs, guidance and training that will help you really get to grips with the new programme.

Download our full guidance notes for leaders

Our changeover year

Now that programme has launched there’s a year to change over – so you can use both programmes alongside each other as you get to grips with the new one and help girls finish of any awards or badges they are working towards. By the start of the 2019/20 academic year we will have switched over completely to the new programme.

Download our changeover guidance


To support you in delivering the new programme we have a range of new learning and development modules and learning opportunities. Each aspect of the programme, from awards to unit meeting activities, is covered in detail in these new resources.

From webinars to in-person training sessions, you can choose how you want to learn all about the new programme. The training will be available from 24 July - so watch this space!

Information for trainers

If you're a TQ Module 3 trainer and delivering sessions on the new programme, we have produced a number of modules, each with their own editable session plans, slides, activity resources and handouts to help you.

Check out our resources for trainers

Changes to the programme will benefit volunteers

We’ve designed the new programme to be as easy to use as possible for leaders, offering a pick-up-and-go programme with a range of mix-and-match activities. The six themes will help you see at a glance whether you are offering a balanced and varied programme and everything is under-pinned by the five essentials to make delivering good guiding as straight-forward as possible.

Find out more about the six themes.

Since every section’s programme will now follow the same structure, those who volunteer with more than one section will have less to learn in the future and it will be easier to switch sections if they want a change or there is a need in their area.

Activities and challenges have been written and tested by units, with clear instructions, so once you’ve gathered any materials required they’re ready and easy to use. This is in response to leaders who have told us that they want to spend less time planning activities, and more time enjoying delivering the programme to girls and young women.

We also have new section handbooks, which will act as a brilliant introductory resource for new joiners and their families to help them get the gist of what to expect in the section and what Girlguiding is all about.

Find out more about the new books

Girls will still be able to choose their own programme

There’s a wide range of age-appropriate, creative activities for girls to take part in – they’ll be able to choose by selecting the activity cards, badges and topics they want to work on. And as far as possible materials have been designed for girls to use and understand themselves so that with your support they can take the lead.

New interest badges for all sections designed for girls to do outside of unit meetings will give them a chance to pursue their individual interests and develop their independence and confidence.

Find out more about interest badges


We would love to hear them. We’ll then aim to address your queries and suggestions in future newsletters and here on the website.