Information for Leaders, Trainers and volunteers

Our volunteers make our programme happen – here’s how the changes will affect you

What you need to know about the new programme

We know you will have lots of questions, and to some of them we won’t know the answers for a while. For now though, here is everything we have confirmed that you need to know.

Changes to the programme will benefit volunteers

We’re designing the new programme to be as easy to use as possible for leaders, offering a pick-up-and-go programme with a range of mix-and-match activities.

Activities will be written and tested by units, with clear instructions and so they’ll be ready and easy to use. This is in response to leaders who have told us that they want to spend less time planning activities, and more time enjoying delivering the programme to girls and young women.

We are reviewing the section handbooks as well, and looking into the best format for them, so they will be as easy for leaders to use as possible.

Girls will still be able to choose their own programme

Within the six new activity themes, there will be a wide range of age-appropriate, creative activities for girls to take part in – they’ll be able to choose by selecting the activity cards, badges and topics they want to work on.

We are working to ensure that the language is age-appropriate too. 

The new programme will be both consistent and varied

The new programme will be structured around six core themes, which together provide fun and stretching experiences that make up the package of skills girls have told us they need. You told us that themes should be more consistent between age groups so that girls can build on their skills, learn, and continue to be challenged within a familiar framework.

Our aim is to create consistency and familiarity without repetition. Within the six activity themes, there will be a wide range of topics to choose from, which will be different in each section - so although the overall themes will be the same, the subjects covered will not. There will be a wide range of subjects for Leaders and girls to choose from. Find out more about the six themes.

Our timeline for the changes 

The changes will take three years. It might seem like a long time, but we want to make sure we get the new programme right for you and your girls. Plus, we want to offer members lots of opportunities to get involved.

Summer 2017 – we sent you a free taster pack of the exciting new unit meeting activities to try out with your girls - and you let us know what you thought.

Summer 2018 – the new programme is launched but there’s a transition period of a year - so you can continue to use some of the current programme while you get to grips with the new one.

September 2019 – we will have switched over completely to the new programme!

Visit our full timeline of programme updates so you know when to expect more information.

Keep using our current programme

While the new programme is being developed you should absolutely keep delivering and training on our current programme – it’s an exciting part of guiding!

You could also use the current materials to offer more of the types of experiences girls have told us they’re looking for. Many activities from the current programme support the new themes – like the activities in your latest issue of guiding magazine. That way, you will have already made a start and your girls will get a taste of what’s to come.

You can also continue to buy existing badges for girls. There’s still plenty of time for girls to enjoy earning the badges we currently offer until the old programme is phased out in September 2019. 


It’s really important that our new programme is affordable and accessible for all girls in all units. The different costs are influenced by lots of factors including how many pages are in books, the kind of paper used, the finish applied, and the number of colours of thread.

Since the new products are now in production costs have been finalised and the good news is the prices aren’t changing from what we predicted in 2017! So the confirmed prices, now including badges, are:

  • Woven interest badges, skills builder badges and theme award badges: 55p
  • Woven Gold award badges: £1
  • Metal Gold award badges: £2
  • Unit meeting activity cards (pack of 12): £3.85
  • Skills builder cards (one stage = pack of 5 plus an overview of all stages): £2.50
  • Section handbook: £3.00 for Rainbows and £3.50 for all other sections:
  • Badge and record books:
    • Rainbows £6
    • Brownies £7
    • Guides £8
    • Rangers £4


We'll offer learning and development support alongside the launch of the new programme. Check out the outline of the new modules that are being developed.

Information for trainers

If you’re a trainer and you’re presenting about the new programme, at the moment you can focus on sharing your excitement about the new programme, the journey so far and the next steps.

Because the new programme is structured in the same way across all sections and it’s designed to be ‘pick up and go’ for leaders, there’s no need to deliver separate, detailed sessions for volunteers from different sections. Delivering cross-sectional training also helps support the work we’re doing to improve how we keep girls in guiding and how they transition through the different sections.

You can use our current resources to help explain the programme change, including handouts, FAQs and videos to help you deliver your sessions. You can also use the PowerPoint presentation below, which will be updated as the new programme develops.

We also have produced some resources on change management that can be used in sessions with commissioners and advisors. You'll find these on our Programme training resources page.

PowerPoint presentation - May 2018

Download our latest PowerPoint which provides an overview of our new programme. Use this to share the exciting news.


Download the PowerPoint with notes

Our latest PowerPoint provides an overview of our new programme. Use this to share the exciting news.   

Download the PowerPoint with notes

Download a session plan

If you’re a trainer, you can download a plan for a 60-90 minute training sessions on the new programme – which uses this PowerPoint and the new unit meeting activities from the taster packs that were sent out in July last year.

Download the session plan

Get involved

As we develop the new programme there will be opportunities for members and girls to get involved.

You can already sign up to be part of a testing pool and share your own activity ideas with us.

To hear about these opportunities keep checking our journey hub and make sure your email address is up to date on GO so you can receive our newsletters.


We would love to hear them. We’ll then aim to address your queries and suggestions in future newsletters and here on the website.