Volunteer Communications panel

In order to ensure all our communications truly deliver what our members want and need, we’ve formed a volunteer communications panel

The volunteer communications panel is working to improve Girlguiding’s member communications

We want clear, concise, planned conversations, that are heard and acted on, and are useful and motivating for everyone

The volunteer communications panel is a group of volunteers who provide ongoing feedback on our membership communications, contributing ideas, views from local guiding, and their own volunteering expertise.

Chaired by the lead volunteer for membership communications, the panel meets on a quarterly basis.

Meet some of the volunteer communications panel

Sue Rees

Sue Rees Girlguiding Guessens District Commissioner

Having spent the last few years working with Girlguiding’s Programme team, developing the section handbooks and badge books, I was really keen to use my skills to support Girlguiding’s Strategic Communications team. I’m really enjoying chairing the Volunteer Communications panel and helping to ensure that we’re influencing communications that we send members. 

Outside of guiding I have three fairly grown-up daughters and work full time in the pharmaceutical industry. As a family we enjoy travelling the world, eating good food and try to get to theatre when we can.

Joanna Ward

Joanna Ward Division Commissioner and Rainbow leader and mentor

I believe passionately that good communication could solve all the world’s problems and wants to ensure that Girlguiding is the best it can be for all involved. When I’m not guiding I work as a Transport Planner encouraging people to cycle and walk more.

I love paddle boarding, singing in a choir and doing yoga in strange places!

Sarah French

Sarah French Deputy region Chief Commissioner and Guide leader

I am really keen for local volunteers to receive Girlguiding's information in its best form, knowing that the volunteers are all doing it for the girls.

I am a secondary school Teaching Assistant supporting the maths department.

Holly Garbett

Holly Garbett Brownie leader and working on her Queen's Guide Award

I am particularly interested in enhancing communications between young adult members and Girlguiding, ensuring that we feel supported and acknowledged.

Outside of guiding, I am training to be a coastal flood engineer and particularly love reading and iced tea!

Hanna Maurice

Hanna Maurice Young leader at a Rainbow and Brownie unit and peer educator

I am the representative for the Youth Editors Panel. I want to make communications with younger members stronger, so they each feel supported and get the most out of an amazing guiding experience.

I also love travelling and playing sports. I take my roller skates on my adventures.

Charlotte Armstrong

Charlotte Armstrong Leader at a Senior Section unit

I want to help make sure everyone has the information they need to do their role so that our girls have the best experience of guiding possible. I’m also the representative for the Readership Panel.

Sewing, running, cycling and baking - I love it all!

Suzanne Young

Suzanne Young Guide leader, training advisor and trainee trainer

Coming later in life to guiding I am keen to make sure all members voices are heard, regardless of age and experience.  I am looking forward to my first guiding international trip later this summer.  Outside of Guides I am a professional project manager and I am keen to bring my organisational, change and communications skills to the panel.

Other interests include sewing, baking, reading and gardening.

Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter Brownie leader and divisional PR adviser

I’m happy to be part of the panel so I can wear my two hats – as a communications professional and a volunteer – to help Girlguiding shape its national communications. 

Outside guiding, I work as an editor and love hanging out with my children, running and reading (not at the same time).  

Rosalind Morcombe

Rosalind Morcombe Girlguiding qualified trainer, Girlguiding Ulster 1st Response coordinator and district supporting leader

Having been a member of Girlguiding for many years, I am very aware that good communication is vital and it has to be two way ensuring we all understand what is needed to deliver good guiding. My roles give me the oppurtunity to listen to all the adults who give so much to guiding making us such a successful movement. 

Guiding is a big part of my none working life alongside my family,  horses, travel and line dancing. 

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