Which bits of the programme will be updated and which will stay? We answer your questions

Thanks for sending us your questions about the new programme. A lot of you asked about what was happening to current badges and awards – here’s what we know

14 December 2016

Is the Queen’s Guide Award changing?

The Queen’s Guide Award will not be changed as part of this new programme. It will still be available for members up to the age of 26. 

Will there be changes to all the badges?

There will be a brand new set of badges for girls and young women to work towards from 2018, and existing programme badges will be phased out by September 2019.

Will we be keeping traditional Brownie items and books?

The Brownie programme (including books) is currently being redeveloped and will be new in 2018. The uniform will stay the same. 

Is peer education going to be only for girls over 18?

No. Peer education is an important part of what all girls aged 14 to 25 do - now and after the new programme is put in place.

Will we remove references to fizzy drinks and unhealthy foods from our programme literature?

Yes this is one of the criteria we will use in developing the new programme. 

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