We’re updating our awards

When we launch our new programme we'll be making some changes to our awards too

13 December 2017

We’re updating our awards when the new programme launches

We love that guiding offers girls the chance to develop themselves, learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities. That’s what the new programme is all about – encouraging girls to be their best and celebrating their personal journeys through guiding.

This was at the heart of our thinking when we looked at our current awards and what we offer to all young members in all units. As we embrace the new programme and the new opportunities available to members, we’re going to be making changes to our existing awards. We’ll say hello to some new awards, say goodbye to some old ones and take some current ones with us into the new programme.

Introducing our new awards

We’re really excited that we’ll be launching a brand new award as part of the new programme. This will run throughout every section to mark a girl’s achievement and focus her on transition to the next section in guiding. The steps girls take to get this award will be consistent across the sections, giving girls and young women something to aim for that’s familiar and encouraging them to stay in guiding. It’ll also make everything simpler for volunteers across different sections, as the structure of each of these awards will be similar.

We consulted with 1,846 young members about what this award should be called. Lots of them felt that the name should be widely recognised as something special that really shows the effort that’s been put in to achieve the award - both to people inside and outside Girlguiding.

So, our new awards will be called the Section Gold awards with each section taking on the same name:

  • Rainbow Gold award
  • Brownie Gold award
  • Guide Gold award
  • Ranger Gold award

We've already started thinking about the things girls and young women might need to do to gain this award with our programme volunteer team – so watch this space!

The Baden-Powell Challenge award

The Baden-Powell Challenge award for Guides is based on the current programme framework. And the new Section Gold awards will be the top award of each section. This means that the Baden-Powell Challenge award will be retired along with the current programme at the beginning of the 2019 academic year. The Baden-Powell Challenge award has been extremely important to Girlguiding and our heritage. We therefore wanted to broaden it, taking the best elements of the award and sharing those elements amongst all sections to create the Section Gold awards.

At the moment only a small number of Guides achieve the Baden-Powell Challenge award. By creating consistency throughout Girlguiding, we hope to increase the percentage of young members achieving these awards, making them more accessible to more girls and young women.

If a young member has started her Baden-Powell Challenge award already, she'll need to complete it before we transition to the new programme completely at the beginning of the 2019 academic year. That means, if you have a young woman in your unit who'd like to complete the award, we'd recommend that she starts before the end of January 2018 so that she has enough time to complete it.

What’s staying, what’s going

There are plenty of awards that will still be in the new programme to help young members develop skills and broaden their knowledge. Here are the existing awards and opportunities that will transfer over to the new programme:

  • Commonwealth award
  • Camp permit
  • Overnight permit
  • Senior Section permit
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Queen’s Guide award

Because of the planned programme changes, we have the opportunity to make some updates to other awards and opportunities. We’ll tweak the Senior Section permit, Queen’s Guide award element 4 and Young Leaders qualification for example. You’ll hear more about these adjustments in the coming months.

Along with the Baden-Powell Challenge award there are just two others that will also be retired alongside the existing programme in 2019. Here are the awards that will be retired:

  • Guide Challenge badges
  • Chief Guide’s Challenge (along with Look Wider)

Our new Section Gold awards will encourage more girls and young women than ever before to recognise and celebrate their achievements in guiding. And continue to build on their knowledge as they move between sections. Keep an eye out for more information about awards in the 2018.