Trainers - are you ready?

Deborah Lodge has a special message for trainers before the new programme arrives

Deborah Lodge, Specialist volunteer
27 June 2018

Headset, computer, notebook, pen and a cup of tea - everything needed to embark on learning how to lead webinars.

Not only is our new programme fit for the 21st century, our training is too - webinars are the latest part of our training toolkit to support volunteers with the programme.

Guiding has always given me the opportunity to challenge myself and this has continued throughout my involvement in programme renewal. In fact, this is a challenge to all of us - a challenge that asks us to Be Our Best! Change can be tricky, but with the right support and training our individual and unit journeys to embrace the new programme will run as smoothly as possible.

Webinars are definitely a change to current Girlguiding training, but one that we really hope will allow more volunteers to participate in a way that suits them. 25 trainers are being trained throughout June to lead webinars for leaders on the new programme. I’m so pleased to be part of this first group learning how to use this technology.

But webinars aren’t just for leaders. Throughout July we are running webinars specifically for TQ Module 3 trainers on delivering new programme training, led by the learning & development (L&D) volunteers who have helped to develop your training resources. Make sure you don’t miss out! You can see all the webinars available and sign up to join them through your GO ‘My Events’ pages. Use your tablet, your laptop… even your phone to join in where it suits. I can’t wait to hear about the most unusual, exciting or relaxing locations that you join in from!

As well as webinars, there is so much going on as we get ready for the new programme, and I thought it might be helpful to remind you about the relevant information for trainers before, during and just after the 21 July:

First week in July…

You’ll be sent the official programme training resources by an email with a link to download them. You’re being sent these ahead of 21 July so that you can prepare for trainings you will be delivering after that date and so that you can discuss the resources during July’s trainer webinars. These will be embargoed - you’re being given a sneak peek as a trainer! Please don’t share any of the resources outside of the trainer group until after 21 July when the new programme is revealed.  

By 8 July…

If you’re a TQ Module 3 trainer don’t forget to complete your order for new programme resources by midnight on 8 July by completing this online form to help support your training. Resources will be posted to the address you complete on the order form the week after the 21 July.

21 July – The big day…

All new programme resources will be available from today, including in shops. Volunteer webinar bookings will open and you’ll be able to start using the official new programme training resources from this date (anytime after 00.01am on 21 July is fine with us!). E-learning for all volunteers will be available from 24 July and I’d encourage you to complete it too!

We also have exciting news regarding the training modules that the L&D volunteer team have been developing: there’ll be a sixth module available along with the rest called “Using section handbooks and badge/record books”. Check out the aims and objectives for this module as well as the other modules in our summary.

And finally… I hope you’re as excited about seeing our new programme as all of the volunteers and staff involved with developing it are - we just can’t wait to share the rest of it and get started on it over the next twelve months, so I’d like to wish you all my best wishes for:

A happy 21 July!