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Our plans to tell people outside of Girlguiding about our exciting new programme

10 May 2017

Our programme changes are big news

Girlguiding has been a beloved charity across the UK for many years now. We believe people from across the UK will love to hear about the steps you and your girls are taking to transform our programme. We're confident they'll want to support you to equip girls and members with the skills and resources they need to succeed in today and tomorrow’s changing world.

We think people will be fascinated and surprised to hear about our new programme and the exciting adventures we have planned on topics girls told us they want to explore – whether old favourites or brand new: survival skills, DIY and recyclable fashion.

The more people hear about and are excited by our journey, the more they might like to support us in the future - either by volunteering, signing their girls up, or making donations.

What’s happening?

We’re hoping to remind some well-known personalities that they’re fond of Girlguiding by sending them honorary badges from the existing programme and then invite them to share their ideas for our new programme on social media.

We hope this will inspire others – including our members - to follow suit and share ideas on our social channels too.

We’ll help to keep people enthused by designing and sharing illustrative digital mock-up badges for some of the ideas we receive – though these mock ups will not necessarily reflect confirmation that those suggestions will be included in the new programme.

How will this translate into new programme?

We hope to receive a variety of suggestions from all walks of life - which will help make our new programme broad and wide ranging. Any ideas we decide to take forward will have to go through our comprehensive development processes.

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