To Boldly GO

Brownie leader Sue tells us how she got to grips with the new programme recording tool.

Sue, Brownie leader
22 October 2018

Conquer a personal Everest like me

When I first heard about recording the new programme on GO I thought right away about my poor daughter Emma, who works full time and is a Brownie leader in our unit.  It was going to mean more work for her as although I can do the basics on the PC Emma does most of our admin. (I'm even having her type this as that's still beyond me!)

Even after reading the instructions I thought it would be way beyond my skills, as often instructions are written by people who already know what they’re doing. So I just printed it off and put it on the shelf for Emma to read later.

Anyway, after a meeting one evening I thought I'd have a try myself at putting the unit meeting activities we did as a taster in July on GO. I dug out the instructions I had 'filed', thinking worst case all I'd do was waste my time - as most instructions never make sense - and ultimately leave it for Emma.

Well, I still cannot believe that on my first attempt I put the unit meeting activity on and recorded all the Brownies that took part - so far so good! Next, I added the Promise dates with the help of the instructions - well I was on a roll now! Next, I sorted the anniversary badges, again piece of cake.

Then last week one Brownie did their first new interest badge. Again, I thought I'd struggle with adding the information on GO but thanks to the instructions once again no problems - talk about feeling proud of myself.

All of this is down to the instructions being so 'Brown Owl' proof

Everything matches as it should, tick boxes where they are supposed to be, labels named exactly as written, all step by step - I love it.

Even those of us who aren't computer wiz-kids can feel comfortable having a go and confident to carry on recording the new programme.

So if there are others out there like me - a bit of a technophobe - print out the instructions and give it a try, it will be well worth the effort and you’ll conquer a personal Everest like me.

It is so much easier than keeping paper records for individual Brownies and can be done in a short space of time. And it’s great that I don't have to rely on Emma to give up more time in the evening or at weekends (I'm retired now so can do it when I please and only shout if it doesn't go as planned)

Go on, give it a GO!

To help you get started with using the recording tool, log onto GO and check out the help files in the "help" section. The recording tool help files are right at the top of the new help file list so they're easy to find. And remember, the recording tool is just the first iteration and we're continuing to develop and update it to make sure it's as helpful as possible.

Sue and her daughter Emma

Guiding is a family affair for Sue and Emma who are both leaders of units in their local area.