Programme training - one year on

Specialist Volunteer, Deborah Lodge talks to us about programme training one year on and what new resources you can use

Deborah Lodge, specialist volunteer
10 July 2019

It’s been nearly a year since the launch of new programme, and what a year it’s been!

Thank you so much for all your hard work. We can already see that girls are loving the new programme and are really getting stuck in, with over half a million interest badges and skills builders being logged around the UK. Plus, we’re already seeing some favourite activities – for example over 50,000 Brownies have done the Catch a story unit meeting activity so far! We love hearing what your unit’s favourites are.

Hopefully you’re already giving the new programme a try in your units but for those that are yet to start, my top tip as a trainer and leader would be to throw yourselves in and give it a go. All the resources are designed to be ‘pick up and go’ and it really does become a lot easier once you start.

Supporting you

Don’t forget there’s also a suite of training available to support you to make the change, depending on your needs. If you’re short of time or prefer to learn at home with a cup of tea, why not try our interactive e-learnings, or learn with other volunteers in a 90 minute webinar – a live event hosted virtually by our brilliant team of trainers. Or, if you prefer a more interactive, face-to-face session, you can also attend an in-person training in your local area.

The trainings cover all the different elements of the programme and over 18,500 volunteers have completed a piece of training so far. Now is certainly the time to get started with new programme – so check out all the different trainings on offer.

Once you’ve completed a training you might still have lots of questions. As a trainer, leaders often ask me:

  • What does the new programme look like in action?
  • How should I plan for the term?
  • How can I adapt the activities for my girls and their needs?

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in luck. You can now get a glimpse of the new programme in action with the Get with the programme video series. The videos follow two units as they get to grips with the new programme, covering a range of topics from interest badges to how you can ‘flex’ the programme to make it work for your unit. Each episode is themed by a question raised by volunteers, so they’ll hopefully equip you with the key information you need to get started.

What's new?

For those already delivering the new programme, you might be wondering what’s next?

Well, some exciting new training resources and updates are coming your way! These will support you to deliver a great programme for your girls. They include:

Thank you all for your dedication so far, and remember you can still contact [email protected] if you have any burning questions on the programme itself or how it works.


If you have any suggestions for learning to support the delivery of programme in your unit, please contact [email protected]