Our thoughts about changes to The Senior Section

We continue the conversation about how we’ll be transforming The Senior Section in summer 2018

11 January 2017

We've been really pleased to hear from you

Since we announced the exciting changes to our programme back in November, a few members have been in touch to share their thoughts about the plans to reduce the age range for The Senior Section to 14 to 18 year olds (which will be implemented by summer 2019).

We were delighted to hear stories of your positive experiences with Girlguiding and particularly The Senior Section. Some of you congratulated us on our ‘bold’ decision which you felt was ‘overdue’. Others were concerned that it would make 18 to 25 year olds feel like they no longer had a place in Girlguiding. As this is a significant change, we wanted to share further thoughts on the plans.

18 to 25 year olds are the future of Girlguiding

Our young women members are both a testament to what Girlguiding offers and represent the future of our organisation - as such they will always be a fundamental and cared for part of Girlguiding. This is why we see it as our responsibility to support girls to transition from young recipients of our youth programme, to strong independent women, who are ready to lead the way for the next generation of girls.

Our new Assistant Lead Volunteer - to be announced in March - will focus on helping us develop our new offer for 18 to 25 year olds. Work has already begun to consolidate all the amazing opportunities - including how we can provide a consistent level of support for awards and qualifications, how we can clearly communicate all of the incredible opportunities available, and how this offer can be adaptable for those in that age group who are transitioning to different stages in their lives, for example, going to work or university.

There will continue to be plenty of opportunities available to 18 to 25 year olds

Once over 18, members can stay with units by becoming part of unit leadership teams or an occasional unit helper to inspire and support the next generation of girls. If they feel they don’t have the time to commit to leadership, there are plenty of other rewarding roles available in Girlguiding for them to consider - including Communication Advisors, Photographers, Outdoor Activities Advisers, Archivists and Membership Growth Coordinators. They can also support local Girlguiding events.

There will continue to be exciting experiences and awards available to them, including the Queen’s Guide Award, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD).

Of course we imagine they’ll also want to arrange fun meet ups with the friends they’ve made through Girlguiding for years to come.

‘The Senior Section’ will continue to thrive

Changes to The Senior Section are happening at the same time as the implementation of our exciting new programme. Therefore, while girls aged 18 to 25 will be moving out of The Senior Section, there will be plenty of eager and excited Guides (followed by generations of girls after them) to come up to the new section for 14 to 18 year olds. They will be greeted with adventurous, challenging and fun activities that follow themes that will be familiar from their time in Guides.

We think the age group will grow along with the rest of Girlguiding – as transitions from section to section become easier, and we tempt new girls in with a programme they enjoy, delivered by brilliant well-supported Leaders.

Time to prepare

The age range will be launched in summer 2018, and 18 to 25 year olds will have until the old programme is phased out in September 2019 to choose their next role. This means there is plenty of time for the few young women who will be directly affected to consider what type of roles they would like to pursue. Any members joining The Senior Section from now on should be informed - if they’re not already aware - that the section will be for 14 to 18 years olds in the future.

More information is coming

This is far from the end of the conversation about the changes to The Senior Section. Much more information will be coming your way.

Opportunities beyond The Senior Section

Meet the young women who are taking some of the opportunities that will still be open to those aged 18 to 25 when the changes come into place in 2018. 


Fliss Trainer

From all of the training I've done throughout my time in Girlguiding, I've gained so much confidence and the ability to work with large groups of people - I never thought that I'd train a room of 100 people!