“No one is too big to look after your cuddly toy when they’re having a wobble!”

Our volunteers’ top tips on taking girls on their first sleepover

Daisy, Member communications team
28 February 2019

We know that for lots of girls, guiding trips and sleepovers are their first night away from home. This can be nerve-wracking for both them and their parents, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here, volunteers give their tips and tricks on putting their minds at rest and making sure everyone’s having a night to remember.

When you're planning the adventure... 

Involve girls in planning so they know what’s happening and don’t have to ask. Save the “big surprise” trips for when they’re more confident!  - Louise Cockle, Leader, 1st Ashford Rainbows, 3rd South Ashford Brownies and 1st South Ashford Guides

Time to prep the parents... 

Give parents advice about what to say to their daughter. For example, do say that she’ll have a good time and you look forward to hearing all about it – but don’t say you’ll miss her, as that could make her feel guilty about going. - Leslie Smith, Leader, 1st Currie Brownies and 3rd Currie Guides
Hearing from parents on the trip can be a trigger for homesickness, so let parents know that no contact from the girls means that they’re having a great time. On the trip, no one is too big to look after your cuddly toy when they’re having a wobble – from Rainbow to Ranger. - Carol Pike, Leader, 58th Burnley (Wellfield) Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers

Once you're there... 

My camp blanket is my distraction tool! By the time they’ve been amazed and asked about all my badges, they’ve normally forgotten the problem… - Alex Palmer, Leader, Benton Division Rangers and 1st Westmoor Guides
If someone’s having a wobble, I give her a special job to do or ask her to be my assistant. Distraction is better than reassurance! - Bex Knight, Leader, 8th Sidcup Brownies

We run lots of exciting residential events and it couldn’t be easier to take your unit. And you won’t need a Going Away With licence, so you can spend less time on admin and more having fun with your girls.

Check out Magic and Mayhem, our summer camp just for Rainbows and Brownies, and Fearless Fun, a new event for Brownies and Guides. There’s Wellies and Wristbands for older girls as well.

Or, if you fancy running your own trip, check out our practical advice on trip planning.