New top awards are here

We’re updating our programme by introducing Bronze and Silver awards for each section

27 January 2020

Following member’s feedback and concerns about the accessibility of girls trying to get their section Gold award, we've updated our programme by introducing a Bronze and Silver award for each section.

Why have you introduced these awards?

As we’ve rolled out the new programme across Girlguiding, we’ve been listening to feedback from all our members on how you've found the materials and the difficulties you've found in your units.

One of the challenging areas we've heard about is around the difficulty of earning the Gold awards, especially for girls who might not join right from the beginning of the unit age range, or who have been on a waiting list for a long time.  

We’ve been listening to our member’s concerns and have introduced these two new awards to motivate all girls to achieve a top award, and reduce some of the pressure around Gold awards.

This suggestion came to us directly from members, so we're pleased to release these awards and we hope that you and your girls will enjoy them.

What are the criteria for the Bronze and Silver awards?

For girls to achieve their Bronze and Silver awards they must complete the following criteria:

  • Bronze award: a girl needs to complete any two Theme awards from her current section.
  • Silver award: a girl needs to complete any four Theme awards from her current section.
  • Gold award criteria remains the same – a girl needs to earn all six Theme awards and then do a final challenge.

There's no final challenge for the Bronze or Silver award.

Where can I buy these awards?

The award badges and certificates are now available for you to buy from your local badge secretary, same as how you'd buy a Gold award - check your county directory on GO to find your badge secretary. 

We’ve created new page inserts to ensure all badge books and handbooks are up-to-date following the introduction of these new awards. You can download them here:

Anyone that purchases a new badge book or handbook from the Girlguiding shop will receive these new inserts with their order.

How can we record these new awards?

The new Bronze and Silver awards will now automatically be added to a young members GO record when they complete their 2nd or 4th Theme award. The award will be listed as ‘awaiting presentation’ and once they've been presented, you can the mark the award as complete.

Will the programme training resources be updated to include these two new awards?

Yes, we have updated our programme training resources to reflect these new changes. This includes programme e-learning modules, webinar and in-person training.

For more information on updates to programme training contact us at [email protected]