More information about new training modules

Deborah Lodge updates us on the new training modules being developed to help you get to grips with programme changes

Deborah Lodge, Specialist volunteer
14 March 2018

As we tentatively step into spring, the arrival of our new programme gets ever closer

We know leaders and trainers alike are looking forward to finding out more about what’s coming. I’m going to let you know more about what resources there’ll be to help you learn about the new programme. And for trainers, what the resources we’re designing for you to use in your trainings will look like.

As I mentioned in my January blog, there’ll be lots of ways that you can learn about the new programme.

We hope that all leaders will find one or more of these methods will suit them. We know that you have limited time and we also want you to enjoy the training you do so we’re working hard to make it interesting, informative, effective – and fun!

We’re creating a series of training modules covering everything you would expect on the new programme. There’ll be modules on the following topics:

  • Programme overview
  • Skills builders and unit meeting activities
  • Interest badges
  • Awards
  • Programme planning

When it comes to delivering the new programme, each of you will do it differently, in a way that suits your unit’s context, and in your own time. You can change over to the new programme at any point during academic year 2018/19. That’s why we’re developing training that’s flexible and not "one size fits all”. We encourage you to take charge of your own learning journey and to access the training that you need. You may wish to do all the modules through in-person training, or a combination of e-learning, webinar and in-person training.

If you already hold the Leadership qualification or Trainer qualification, you will not be required to repeat modules you already hold that relate to the Girlguiding programme. However, we want you to feel as prepared as possible to deliver the new programme, so please take advantages of opportunities throughout 2018/19 to complete the training you need to carry out your role effectively and stay up to date with the changes.

More support and information for our trainers

We know you’re keen to see what the in-person training modules will look like. Development of these is now well underway, and I can tell you more now about what to expect. 

We’re designing these training modules so that they can be used in trainings for years to come - they’re not just “new” programme training - they’ll become the basis for programme training in the future. They’re also designed so you can adapt them to suit your specific trainings - be that the length of the session, the number of participants or the available equipment and space.

The modules are about core elements of the new programme. When delivering programme training to new leaders you’ll still need to cover other programme elements as you normally would, such as the five essentials and the guiding method.

For each module we’re developing a trainer pack that will contain:

  • A detailed training plan with aims, objectives and clear timings
  • A set of PowerPoint slides with diagrams to support learning
  • A hand out for leaders to take away and use to help them and their units discover a particular part of the programme
  • Ideas for extra activities for longer training sessions
  • FAQs to help you answer questions that leaders are likely to ask
  • Any other relevant resources for the specific module (e.g. activities)

We've produced a list of the modules we’re developing, their aims, objectives and the length of time each module is expected to take to deliver - you can download the module summary here. We hope you’ll find this information helpful for your planning.

Last month, we asked you to get in contact if you wanted to be trained on how to deliver webinars. We’ve had a great response to this exciting and new (to us) training method! The training for those who contacted us will take place in June and July. We’re continuing to develop our plans and resources for webinar delivery. I’ll share these as soon as we know more.

An exciting time

The new programme is a change for everyone, and I want to do what I can to support you to deliver training on it. As well as the “pick-up-and-edit” trainer packs we’re developing, we’re also planning a series of webinars specifically for you as trainers throughout the summer so that you can ask any questions you have. I look forward to sharing more details about these with you soon.

It’s a very busy time for us as trainers and there’s lots to take on board - please accept my thanks for all you continue to do for Girlguiding. And, in particular, in anticipation of your efforts in training our leaders on our exciting new programme.

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