Keep on moving!

Our top tips on helping your girls move up a section

Daisy, member comms
12 November 2018

Supporting girls as they grow up and move on to new sections is a key part of keeping them in guiding.

We know that moving sections and leaving friends behind can be daunting for girls. This only gets more challenging as girls get older and have studying, socialising and other hobbies taking up their time.

So, here’s some practical tips to help your girls keep on moving, whatever their age.

Talk to parents

Having parents invested in their daughter’s guiding experience is crucial to keeping them with us. As your girls approach the age to move on, discuss their next steps with parents. They might not know about the other sections in guiding, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Think practically

It might be easier for girls and their parents if sections meet on the same evening, so try to join up with your local units if possible. Alternatively, make sure you let girls know about all available units in their area. Sometimes, the one nearest their home might not be the most convenient.

Give girls a taster

Invite girls at the top end of a younger section to come along to one of your meetings. This will help prepare them for what’s to come, and by meeting some of the older girls, they’ll be introduced to some future friends! Don’t forget to take their parents details so that you can contact them personally about joining, when the time is right.

Focus on skills

The skills and new experiences that guiding brings become even more important as girls get older and start to think about their futures. For example, Guides have told us that learning new skills and having adventures is particularly important to them. For your older girls, why not invite some young leaders or volunteers to talk to them about the opportunities that guiding gave them, from leadership skills, to international adventure, to helping with their higher education applications?

Start the new programme!

Our brand-new programme is designed to make it even easier for girls to move through sections, with consistent themes and activities throughout. The final challenge of each section’s Gold Award also involves speaking to a girl in an older unit about her experiences, helping inspire girls to stay in guiding.

Got your own bright ideas on helping girls move on? Let us know at [email protected]