How to prepare for Future Girl Acts

Our top tips on how to prepare for Future Girl Acts next week

24 September 2019

With Future Girl Acts fast approaching on 30 September, here are some top tips to help you prepare.

Register your support!

Make sure to let us know you’re supporting Future Girl Acts and are taking part. It’s quick and easy to do, just fill in our simple form and watch as the numbers on the map go up!

Register support button

Register support button

Register your support

Collect lots of plastic bottles

You’ll need lots of plastic to take part, so start collecting now! Did you know you can use any recyclable plastic, not just bottles? So keep all those old vegetable trays and yogurt pots too.

Get ready for your unit meeting

You can find all the unit meeting activities on the main Future Girl Acts page and there are lots of useful resources to help you talk to your group about recycling too.

Share on social

Get ready to share all your wonderful creations on social media! So make sure you follow all our accounts, tag us in any pictures and use the hashtag #FutureGirlActs and #PlasticPromise so we can see all your amazing work!

Watch our video

For inspiration and to find out why girls are so passionate about reducing plastic pollution, watch our video.


During the week all of us in Guiding will be making our plastic promise and we want others to join us. Keep your eyes peeled on 30 September for tips on how you can help others make their plastic promise so that we have an even bigger impact on plastic pollution.

Future Girl Acts

Remember to register your support for Future Girl Acts!

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