Our magazine's going digital

The November 2019 issue of guiding will be a digital magazine

Sue, Lead Volunteer for Member Communications
10 July 2019

We always try to be forward thinking in how we get information to our volunteers. So, the November 2019 issue of guiding magazine is going to be online and emailed to you, rather than printed and posted. Sue, Lead Volunteer for Member Communications, tells you everything you need to know… 

Why the move to digital?

“The team is excited to be trying something new in the way we talk to everyone, and think there will be lots of benefits. We’ll be able to read the magazine on the go and it will be more interactive and accessible. Plus, by reducing print and postage we’re being kinder to the environment. We’ll be saving over 15 tonnes of paper and 150kg of ink!"

How will I be able to read the magazine?

“You’ll be able to find all the features on the website from mid November. We’ll be sent an email with a link to the new digital issue as well, so keep an eye on your inbox.”

Is this permanent?

“No. We’re trialling a digital issue this year, but there are no plans currently for getting rid of print altogether.”

Will I get to share my thoughts on the digital issue?

“Absolutely – we’ll all get to give our feedback. A survey will be sent to readers after the issue’s gone live, so the HQ team can find out what we thought.”

So what do I need to do?

“To receive the email link to the digital issue, you’ll need to make sure the right email address for you is listed on GO. But that’s it!”

We can’t wait to share the first digital issue of guiding. Look out for it in November 2019.