Getting to grips with our 18-30 offer

Some of your questions on our new offer for young women, answered!

18-30 task and finish group
07 June 2019

Last year, we started rolling out our new offer for young women aged 18-30.

We, a task and finish group of young women in guiding, have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver these opportunities and shape the direction of the offer. In collaboration with teams across Girlguiding HQ from operations to marketing, we’ve:

  • Recruited a network of local 18-30 coordinators to roll out the opportunities on the ground
  • Developed webpages that lay out all the pathways open to 18-30s
  • Hosted Your Adventure, our first exclusive event for young women
  • Launched a new Book & Go international adventure, giving young women the chance to travel to Morocco

We also recently sent out a survey to members to help us find a name for the package of opportunities. Over 3,000 18-30-year-olds let us know their thoughts, which is great! We know the name is important to you, and it’s a priority for us as well. So now we’re taking all your feedback on board, making sure we take the time to get it right and create an identity that fits.

The naming survey also highlighted a few common misconceptions about all things 18-30. So, we wanted to bust a couple of myths.

1. This will be a new section for 18-30-year-olds

Our opportunities for young women aren’t a section, they’re just that: a range of opportunities that young women can take part in through guiding. These include the chance to gain new skills with training or qualifications, adventures at home and abroad, and social opportunities to network with other young women in guiding.

There’s also a whole range of brilliant volunteering roles, from peer educator to specialist roles like county photographer, as well as volunteering in units.

There won’t be a uniform, a leader or unit meetings, and you don’t have to follow a set programme.

Young women can pick and choose to join in with whatever suits their interests, and you can arrange your own meet ups with friends in guiding.

2. This has all been led by HQ

Young women have been involved in creating the offer, every step of the way.

Back in 2017, our lead volunteer Rosalyn and a task and finish group were recruited (that’s us!) to shape the offer, and we’re still working on it now. We meet fortnightly by skype to talk about the latest developments and make decisions relating to all aspects of the offer – from the website pathways to the documentation for 18-30 residential events.

We’ve also consulted over 2,500 18-30s, read every email about the offer sent to the “ourjourney” inbox and have started looking into other elements of guiding, such as how to better support 18-30-year-old volunteers, which we’ll be sharing more about soon.

This really is an offer designed by young women, for young women.

3. This is the finished product

While some elements of our 18-30 offer already existed, like GOLD and Action for Change, lots of it is new and we’ll be developing and adding more opportunities for young women over time.

And now we’ve got an 18-30 coordinator in every country and region, so there’ll be loads of exciting opportunities local to you, on top of all the national opportunities available. We’re also supporting young women to organise their own activities locally.

So, opportunities available will vary from area to area, depending on what young women there have said they want, and what they organise themselves.

Part of what makes the offer exciting is that it’s all led by young women, empowering us to try new things and grow the opportunities on the ground.

Next steps

  1. Check out our webpages if you’d like to get involved with our 18-30 offer.
  2. Email [email protected] to be put in touch with your local coordinator.
  3. Find out about or webinars where you can find out more and ask questions about our new offer. These are on 18 June and 25 June for 18-30s, and 20 June and 2 July for other adults in guiding. Head to the event pages in GO to book.
  4. If you have any other questions, email us at [email protected].