Getting practical - how will the new programme work?

Our members have sent us some brilliant questions since we started our journey and we’re working to answer them as quickly as we can

26 April 2017

Thanks for sending us your questions about the new programme   

Some of you asked about how different parts of the programme will work – here’s what we know so far.

Q: I'm a Brownie Leader and we use the Brownie Adventures book – so girls are presented annually with their Adventure, Adventure On and More Adventures badges. How do we manage the transition from this arrangement to the new programme for new Brownies who won't have completed their Adventures by the time the new programme is launched?

A: Although the new programme will arrive in summer 2018, we’re not recommending the old programme is completely phased out until September 2019 – so you’ll have until then for your girls to complete their Brownie Adventure badges.

Q: Will the ‘participation badges’ start from the first year you start in guiding? For example, will the first-year badge be appropriate for a girl who joins guiding at 10 straight in to Guides?

A: The first year badge will be awarded after your first year in guiding, whichever section you start with.

Q: If I'm starting a new unit now, what resources should I buy? I don't want to waste money as we're tight financially.

A: The new programme won’t launch until summer 2018 and the current programme won’t phase out until 2019. Therefore, you could be using current programme resources for another two and a half years – so they won't go to waste!

Q: Will there still be transition tools like Brownies Go For It!?

A: We’re working to make sure that moving between sections is as easy as possible. This includes reviewing the transition activities available as part of the new programme.

Q: Will the Young Leader Qualification (YLQ) still exist for 14 to 18 year olds?

A: Yes, the YLQ will still exist and we’re going to review it to make sure it fits well within our new structure.

Q: If interest badges are meant to be done at home, will young members from less privileged homes be at a disadvantage?

A: We’re committed to making these badges accessible for everyone by ensuring girls can complete them independently and without expensive resources.

Q: Will the new programme only be about community action?

A: Our new programme will have lots of variety for every section. Our activity theme, Take Action, will provide elements of community action but it's only one of six exciting activity themes. The other themes are Have Adventures, Skills For My Future, Be Well, Know Myself and Express Myself. Read more about the themes and structure of our new programme.

Q: Can you be adventurous indoors?

A: We think the new programme will offer plenty of inspiration on how to be adventurous indoors. Check out our gallery of girls having adventures testing our new programme to see some examples. But girls have told us they want to have more adventures outdoors, so we’re developing activities that require outdoor time as well.

Q: Are you updating all of the sections’ uniforms?

A: No. There will be a rebrand of The Senior Section and they will have a new uniform as a result (more details to come on this in May). No changes are planned to any other sections’ uniforms.

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