Get set for spring

Get ready for the fun that spring will bring with these activity ideas from Girlguiding members

Daisy, Member Communications team
16 February 2018

Bright ideas for warmer days

This term is going quickly, and we’re already back in the swing of a new year of guiding. As we approach the next school holidays, now is a perfect time to get ready for the fun that spring will bring.

Getting your unit involved in planning their next term of activities is a great way to get them excited about the months ahead. The summer term can be a busy one for your girls, especially older ones who might have exams coming up, and planning their activities with them will help make sure they feel invested in guiding and keep coming back after the holidays.

Be sure to tell parents all the fun activities in store for their daughter after the break, so they keep supporting her through guiding as well.

To give you some planning inspiration, we asked members to tell us their favourite summer activities. These can be easily adapted to suit any section – let us know how you get on!

Hunt trees and make tea

We’ve planned a scavenger hunt where we’ll get girls to explore outside and identify trees. We’ve also talked about getting each Six to decorate a plant pot that they can then plant some mint in – and in a few weeks we’ll make some mint tea with it! - Sheenagh Bloomfield, 5th Beeston Brownies

Make the most of the longer days

We start our meetings with outdoor games during the summer and we’ll end the term with an evening in the park, with chips and games. We’ll also prepare for summer camps with activities like sewing badges on blankets and learning how to tie bedding bundles. - Lucy Morgan, 6th Tonbridge Guides

Go globe trotting

We ran a series of weeks where each meeting had a different country as a theme. The girls even had ‘passports’, getting a stamp in each country! For example, for Japan we made sushi and origami, for France we learnt the language and ate baguettes with Brie, and for Scotland we had a go with bagpipes. - Rebecca Dilks, 1st Lofthouse Brownies