Embedding good quality guiding everywhere

A lot has changed since we launched our first set of checklists for good unit guiding in 2014. Since then we’ve worked with thousands of members to test and update them. Now we look back on the work we’ve done together so far.

Viv Craig, lead volunteer for quality until May 2018
19 September 2018

Let’s show the world just how amazing guiding is

I’ve been a member of Girlguiding for 47 years. And have never stopped being amazed and inspired by what girls and young women experience and achieve in their units every single week.

When I heard about a new pilot project to improve how we evidence and celebrate quality, I jumped at the chance to participate.  I hoped the project would help all volunteers to feel confident and proud of what they do, and to share ideas and support each other.  I also wanted us to show the outside world just how fantastic guiding is!

We’ve all been learning together

57 ‘pioneer’ units took part in the first quality pilot in 2015.  They built a folder of evidence showing how they were meeting standards for good guiding to gain a quality mark for their unit.  The standards and quality mark process were improved based on their feedback, and the following year we carried out a much larger pilot with 397 units from every country and region taking part.

We learnt so much from all of these units and volunteers.  Participants enjoyed celebrating successes and sharing ideas, and said the standards were a useful checklist for gathering feedback and planning.  However, volunteers all agreed that the quality mark took far too much time to complete and wasn’t realistic or sustainable for Girlguiding.

Doing Our Best in 2018

When the second phase of the quality pilot came to an end in 2017, we decided we needed a much simpler approach, which would be a positive experience for all. 

We started by using feedback from the pilot to develop and test a set of improved Doing Our Best standards.  These updated checklists also reflect the new programme, and our latest policies and procedures.  They’re designed 

From September 2018 Doing Our Best replaces both the pilot standards and ‘Good guiding is…’, so we’re all working to the same framework. We hope this will make things clearer and simpler for everyone, and help all members, whatever their role, to support each other and celebrate the best of Girlguiding. 


Start using Doing our Best

Start using Doing our Best

Start using Doing Our Best standards

About Viv

Viv Craig was our lead volunteer for Quality until May 2018 and has been a member of Girlguiding for 47 years.