Did you take part in Future Girl Acts?

Between 30 September and 6 October 2019 we came together to tackle plastic pollution

21 October 2019

Future Girl Acts was a key part of our first Planet Protectors campaign. We’ve been amazed by all the wonderful creatures you created out of plastic and seeing all the reasons why girls were taking action. Over 100,000 girls and 25% of units took part, so thank you! 

The sculptures

The girls loved making their plastic sculptures to show how much they cared about plastic pollution. And some of the designs were really inventive!

Influencing decision makers

We know that decision makers are already responding to your letters. One MP even mentioned it in the House of Commons! If you haven’t sent your letter yet, there’s still time. All you have to do is download our handy template letter and send it on to your local MP.


So far, over 14,000 plastic promises have been made! We want people to continue to pledge, so encourage your friends and family to make their own promises too. 

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