Changes to the Whistleblowing policy and procedure

And what it means for you

05 April 2022

In October last year we held a consultation to understand how you felt about using this policy.

We’ve taken this feedback on board and updated our Whistleblowing policy and procedure. It's really important that you read this policy and its procedure, so you know what to do if you think something’s wrong. 

We know speaking up can be scary, but if you think something is wrong, like a law might have been broken or there’s a risk to someone’s health and safety, you must say something. This is known as ’blowing the whistle’, and people who blow the whistle, called whistleblowers, are protected by the law.  

Even though these laws only apply to workers, like members of staff, this policy protects volunteers just the same as it does those who are covered by the law. 

We want and need our volunteers to know that if they blow the whistle, they’ll be listened to, taken seriously, and protected from any reprisals or negative treatment. And that’s no matter who they are or what their concern is about.  

There’re no changes to the policy when it comes to what you need to follow, but we hope we’ve made it easier to read and understand, so you’ll be confident in blowing the whistle if you need to. 

The procedure has been updated to make the whole process clearer, so you know what to expect if you do need to make a report. We’ve also made it easier to report a whistleblowing concern by setting up a dedicated email address: [email protected]  

If you have any questions about this policy and its procedure, please contact [email protected]. And remember, if you think something is wrong, you need to say. Our volunteers make Girlguiding and we're here to support and protect you.