Our new Brownie leggings

Brownies told us which design they liked best, available to buy in May 2018

24 Oct 2017

You've probably noticed it - more and more of our girls want to wear leggings to meetings, instead of trousers

We also know they want a uniform they can be proud of, so we asked for their help choosing a new Brownie leggings design.

Our Brownies love wearing their logo loud and proud, and our current leggings don't do this well enough. So we came up with three fashionable designs we thought girls would love – and last month we asked you to help pick a favourite.

The votes are in and we can now reveal that the winning design is design C.

The new Brownie leggings with design C will be available to buy in Summer 2018.

This is one of our standard uniform updates, which we occasionally make to all our uniforms, and the rest of the Brownie range will be staying the same - it's all available for purchase as usual. And don't worry, Brownies can keep wearing the current leggings until the end of 2021 - though when the current stock runs out, we'll stop selling the older style.