Are you ready to change programmes?

Summer is fast approaching and that means that we’re nearly coming to the end of changeover year.

22 May 2019

So many of you have already made the switch and it’s been great reading your feedback and seeing how you’ve all been getting on. But if you’re still on the fence, or just need a little helping hand, here are some things to do to help you changeover – because we all need to be using the new programme at the start of the new school year:

  • Check out the changeover guidance notes and our programme training. There are plenty of ways to learn all about new programme, including e-learning.
  • Look again at our getting started blog with tips from other volunteers – there are so many ways to get going with the programme.
  • Have you been getting with the programme? Three of the five episodes of our YouTube series are out now. Each episode looks at a question you’ve raised, and we see how two very different units explore the programme with their girls.
  • What do you know about awards? Themes? Skills builders? You can always check out the “all you need to know about…” series for a little refresher on how all the different parts of the programme fit together.
  • Let’s not forget the themes that hold everything together. Do you have a favourite? Our “theme of the month” series went into detail about all six themes, with some key activities to get you started. 

Unit meeting activity pack five

We're excited to announce that pack five of unit meeting activities is now available to buy on the shop. This pack makes up all the hours you need for theme awards. It includes activities on the topics fair play, 3D craft and design, get guiding, money, exploring nature and save the planet.