A sneak peek of GO - our upgraded membership system

This summer, we’ll be moving over to GO, our upgraded membership system. Here’s how we’re acting on your feedback to make managing transfers and waiting lists much easier

21 Feb 2017

Back in autumn 2016, the build work began on our upgraded membership system

We’ve now got an initial design, a (not so) new name, and have begun user testing – so thank you for all your help so far. 

In this phase of the project, we’ll be creating what we have now but better - meaning fewer clicks and a much cleaner design. When our system it launches, it won’t be able to record things like badges and subs – but we’ll be taking guidance from the organisation as to the priorities for future development, all aiming to reduce admin pressure for Leaders.

It’s not possible to reveal everything yet about GO, but here are some of the ways we’ve already acted on your comments. 

Our new system will have...

A cleaner design with a single login

You said: The current systems look old and dated –  I can’t use it on my tablet and I have to use two logins!

The Go! system and Join Us system will become just one system – GO. So you will only need to log in once to manage both your new enquiries and existing membership records!

GO will have a fresh and modern design with clearer navigation, making it easier for you to find your way around. This design will build on our website and existing digital channels, and – like them – will be totally mobile responsive. That means you’ll be able to use GO on the go!

A transfer system that’s much easier to use

You said: It would be great if we could see whether local units had spaces available, and if it was quicker and easier to send an enquiry.

Our upgraded system will have a map showing where units are in your local area, and which ones have spaces (see below for a first look). It will also have a button to contact a unit and send an enquiry – letting them know, for example, that your Rainbow would like to join their Brownie unit.

Units with free spaces will only be visible internally to volunteers transferring girls, and not those registering an enquiry to join.

One waiting list for all

You said: It would be easier to have one waiting list which shows both girls wanting to join and those wanting to transfer into my unit.

We're planning to combine all new and existing members into one waiting list – so you can see every girl who’s shown an interest in joining your unit in one place! This should make it much easier to manage the joining process.

More helping hands

You said: We want a system that doesn’t allow us to make mistakes!

At the moment, our system sends you an automated email if you enter something incorrectly. We’re going to fix this, so the upgraded system will check if the information you're entering can be added. For example, if you're adding the role of Leader to a volunteer’s record, the system will check that they have completed the relevant Leadership Qualification modules – and if you're adding a girl to a section, the system will check that she is the correct age to join.

And we'll support you with...

A clean transition of your data 

I’m scared that I’m going to lose data and girls off the waiting list when we move to GO 

Don’t worry! A full testing plan is in place to check that the data is moving across correctly – and you've helped us already by running data cleanses to ensure your membership records are as clean and up to date as possible.

Learning and development

I’m worried I might find it tricky to use the new system – will there be help?

Sure. A learning package is currently being created with input from Girlguiding Trainers, and this’ll include help files and videos to make sure you’re fully supported to use the new system. We’ll also be offering online training over the first few months, and Counties have been invited to attend Ready, Steady, GO events so that they’re completely prepared for the launch.

Next steps

It’s been a busy few months for our Membership Systems team, as we’ve been demoing the ‘draft’ version of our system all across the country. Recently we visited our winter wonderland event -  Sparkle and Ice - to gather feedback from members and call on their expertise.

We’re also going to be heading to other Girlguiding events throughout the spring, to make sure as many of you as possible are part of our user testing. 

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