A new uniform for young leaders - the results

Young leaders are getting their own uniform - take a look!

Girlguiding shop team
12 December 2018

Young leaders are getting their own uniform!

Updated April 2019

Following the changes to The Senior Section, many of you have asked us what young leaders should wear if they’re not a member of The Senior Section or Rangers. So, to support this key group of Girlguiding volunteers and help them feel part of the guiding family, we’re creating a uniform just for them. The uniform will include a short-sleeved polo shirt, a hoodie and a formal blouse.

Members who are a young leader and a member of Rangers, won't be expected to buy both sets of uniform. Members that have both roles will be able to wear their Rangers uniform with the new young leader badge tab that we’re creating alongside the new young leader uniform. However if members wish to buy both uniforms, then they’re welcome to do so.

What will the uniform look like?

The uniform will use the same design that members chose for the new Ranger uniform. To give young leaders their own identity, we created four new colour options based on the leader uniform colours, and asked you to vote on which one you liked best.

Over 6,000 members had their say. Thank you to everyone who got involved and completed our survey.

Here's the winning design to show you what the young leader uniform will look like: 

The new young leader formal blouse is now in stock and can be picked up from the Girlguiding online shop. Young leader badge tabs, Promise badges and Trefoil woven badges are due to be available from summer 2019. A young leader hoodie and polo is due to be available from autumn 2019.