Recruitment bootcamp

We need more volunteers

More volunteers will mean more girls can enjoy the benefits of guiding.

With more helping hands, you'll be able to share out your responsibilities, and have more space to give girls the best of yourselves.

We also want to give more people the chance to work with girls, because we know how fantastic and rewarding it can be.

Right now, over 70,000 girls are waiting to join Girlguiding. It’s something we need to change – so in autumn we’ll be running our first ever national volunteer recruitment campaign to enlist new volunteers. And we need you, our current volunteers, to make it a real success.

Start the Recruitment Bootcamp training plan

At HQ we're using the run-up to our campaign to make it as effective as possible. And we’d like you to use the time to get ready to welcome new volunteers. That way, your local area will truly benefit from all the people keen to be part of guiding after seeing the campaign. 

That’s why we're running our ‘Recruitment Bootcamp’ which will include step-by-step support to help you get ready to welcome new volunteers in the autumn.

Your training inspiration – how one county is getting recruitment ready

With the national volunteer recruitment campaign coming in autumn, there’s still time to get recruitment ready. 

Find out how Lynne Scales, County Commissioner for Lancashire South East, and her team are following our Recruitment Bootcamp so they're ready to welcome new volunteers in autumn.

Get inspired by Lynne and her A-team

Coming up in the training plan

So far we've given you:

Make sure you've ticked these off your to-do list. Then you'll be ready to follow the rest of the training plan, where we'll be helping you:

  • monitor and evaluate your success – and tell us how our support helped as well as what else you might have needed
  • plan induction for your new volunteers
  • keep your new volunteers.

Remember - if we all get on board, by autumn we’ll be super fit and ready to welcome our new volunteers.

Keep an eye out in 'Discover, grow' and on social media to find out what you need to do by when.

Keen to race ahead?

If you’re already feeling fit for recruitment and you want to get cracking, or you’d like to run your own recruitment campaign, you can use our recruitment campaign guide to get started straight away.

Read the recruitment campaign guide

The recruitment campaign is just the beginning

This year, we’ll focus on increasing the number of volunteers we have, so that we can grow our existing units and start to open new units in areas where we don’t have a guiding presence. This is part of how we’re Being our best and will help to bring the benefits of guiding to more communities and more girls.

Our timeline

Spring and summer 2017 – we’ll issue lots of resources and advice to get you ready for the national campaign, as well as helping you retain the girls you have between summer and the new school year.

Autumn 2017 – launch of the national volunteer recruitment campaign, when you can expect new volunteers to join Girlguiding – you could even run your own recruitment campaign alongside the national campaign to encourage even more people to volunteer!

End of 2017 – we’ll focus on how we can retain the new volunteers you’ve gained as well as keep inspiring the existing ones you have.

Want more?

There's a whole area of our website dedicated to growing our membership, full of tips and stories from volunteers like you who have had recruitment success.

Read more about recruitment