Our strategy 2020+

Making sure we’re delivering for girls in the future

We’ve come a long way – and we’re thinking about what’s next

Since we launched our first strategy, Being Our Best, in 2015, Girlguiding, and the world around us, has changed a lot.

We're now looking to the future and our next five-year plan. The Strategy 2020+ Project will create a new strategy. The project started mid-2018 and will finish when the Girlguiding board of trustees approve the strategy. This is planned for the end of 2019. This will include plans for delivering the new strategy from January 2020.

What will our story be after 2020? What do we want to achieve for girls and young women? And how can we plan to get there? While our vision, values and mission will stay the same, how we deliver on that mission can change.

How to get involved

In early 2019 we ran events across the country to hear from our members. What matters to girls and volunteers in guiding today and what do they want for our future?

We held five full-day events and spoke to 259 members – including Guides, Rangers, young leaders and leaders across the UK – from Edinburgh to Ulster. The different groups discussed where Girlguiding is today and what changes they wanted to see. 

I enjoyed being part of something important for the future – Guide, Edinburgh

We also developed some free special edition unit meeting activities for all sections. These counted towards the Know Myself theme award and gave girls the chance to share their thoughts on what they like best about Girlguiding and what the future could look like. Feedback from these activities closed on 31 March. And so far we’ve heard from a whopping 26,273 girls across the UK.

We’ll be sharing a strategy survey this summer in 2019 to allow young members aged 14+, volunteers, parents and staff to feedback on the draft strategy. This will be your chance to review the result of what all this work has been building towards, and what exciting developments are being proposed for our future.

What we’ve been looking at

We’ve been asking you about lots of different things, including:

  • The lives of girls and women, today and in the future. How have they changed? How will they change in the future? And what does it mean for Girlguiding?
  • The difference that Girlguiding makes to the lives of our members, but also to our society as a whole.
  • Our Girlguiding culture. Sometimes this is described as 'what we do when no one's watching' - our way of being, our values and how we behave.
  • Reaching out to even more girls and adults. How can we encourage more people join guiding?
  • How our young members can play an active role in and contribute to our decisions.
  • How is Girlguiding seen by those within the movement and those outside it?
  • How is Girlguiding structured and how is it governed – what works well and what are the challenges?

We’ve also been busy doing different in-depth pieces of research to help inform the strategy project. Looking at the world of Girlguiding from the inside as well as the outside. These have ranged from our organisational culture to youth participation, from our brand to the youth sector and volunteering and from growth to IT. There’s lots to come and we’re excited to share the end result of all of this with you when the strategy launches later this year.

Here’s the roadmap of what we’ll be doing in the next year and how you and your girls can have your voices heard.

What we’ve done:

Summer 2018: we consulted with trustees, chief commissioners, lead volunteers and senior staff to find out what they think. We also attended events like Wellies and Wristbands to talk to girls and young women.

Autumn and winter 2018: interactive sessions took place all around the country on lots of different elements of our strategy, including how our organisation is structured and governed, and what our culture is like.

February 2019: we ran a series of strategy events to gather the thoughts and ideas of older girls and volunteers on their Girlguiding experience now and the Girlguiding they want to see.

January – March 2019: we released a set of special edition strategy unit meeting activities for volunteers to run with their units. This was a vital way to gather girls’ thoughts from Rainbows to Rangers on what they liked about Girlguiding and what they wanted in the future.

April – July 2019: we wrote up all the thoughts and ideas from the activities and events and created a strategy draft that was presented to trustees and senior stakeholders. Key parts of the draft were tested with volunteers, parents, staff and the outside world - our partners and potential members - in a survey. 

August – September 2019: all the survey responses and final feedback went into a final draft of the strategy. This was shared with our trustees.

What’s next:

December: we’ll be able to share the full strategy with everyone as well as plans for how we’ll be rolling it out.