Membership Communications Review

We want to get better at how we listen and talk to members

What is membership communications?

Membership communications covers all the ways Girlguiding and Girlguiding members communicate – from the website and e-newsletters, to other emails, our magazine and even membership cards. It includes all the ways Girlguiding hears from volunteers too – think surveys, membership panels, comment functions on the website and of course social media.

Why membership communications matters

Membership communications:

  • unite members behind Girlguiding's vision, mission and values
  • encourage members to share in Girlguiding's plan, 'Being our best', and to take part in activities and initiatives that support it
  • provide volunteers with the support and information they need to do their roles
  • make sure Girlguiding can really hear what members are saying
  • empower and inspire by sharing all the great things happening in Girlguiding
  • publicise the opportunities and support available to members
  • help members to feedback and let us know what they think
  • get out 'need to know' information effectively – from legal updates to the latest on subs.

What is happening now?

Last year members told us that Girlguiding's communications were something they wanted to improve. Now, as part of the Capacity strand of Being our best: Girlguiding's plan for 2020, we want to get better at how we listen and talk to our members to make sure everyone is supported to live out our values and to experience the best our charity has to offer over the next five years.

Assistant Guide Leader, Tegan Jones, is the Lead Volunteer for Membership Communications and chairs a panel - our 'Task and Finish Group' - of members, who are guiding a major review of our communications.

What's next?

There will be lots of opportunities to have your say, from other surveys and polls, to face-to-face workshops.

Do you have questions about membership communications or the project?

Get in touch with us.