What the pilot involves

What the pilot involves for Leaders who are participating in Doing Our Best

What you need to know to run the Doing Our Best Quality Pilot in your unit

During the pilot, you will work with your unit to review what you do in three areas - programme, policy and procedure - using the standards to guide you.

How self-assessment works

This process of self-evaluation requires you to look at your practice in three ways.

  • Review your practice and ensure you have the relevant policies and procedures implemented.
  • Evaluate what has gone on before and plan ahead.
  • Check at any time what your unit is doing well and what could be improved.

This process will help you to demonstrate all the brilliant work that goes on in your unit as well as identify how you and your team could benefit from additional support.

Building evidence of your work

As you work through the self-assessment, you will need to gather evidence for a digital portfolio to demonstrate the effectiveness of your work in each area.

The digital portfolios are built using a range of Google tools including Google Drive and Google Docs. If you haven't used these tools before, then you can use our video tutorials to get started. You will also receive a hard-copy record booklet to take notes and keep track of your progress.

Your portfolio can include photographs and videos of activities, programme plans, feedback from unit members including Leaders, volunteers, girls, and parents, and your personal evidence of how you are putting policies and procedures into practice.

Making improvements in your unit

Along with your strengths, your review will help you to understand some of the areas for improvement in your unit’s programme delivery. The standards include everything you need to start making these improvements, including tools and best practice suggestions for planning.

Help and support for you

When you sign up, you'll also receive instructions on how to join our pilot Google community. This is a great place to get peer support from fellow Leaders and our Quality Champions - Leaders who successfully completed the pilot last year.

As part of the community you can:

  • connect with other volunteers, members of the quality board, and members of staff.
  • find answers to your questions and request additional support
  • signpost you to additional resources needed to complete the pilot
  • get technical support and find tutorials on using the Google tools.

How long it takes

Generally, building your portfolio shouldn’t take longer than three months and you'll be able to collect most of the evidence at your regular meetings. However, everyone works towards quality improvement at their own pace and we all start from different points on our quality journey. It may also take longer if you are busy or you aren't meeting with your unit regularly during the pilot period.

Assessment and review

There are two dates for portfolio submission for Leaders who are taking part in the Doing Our Best Quality Pilot for 2016 to 2017 is 31 March 2017. We will accept late submissions up to 30 June 2017 in special circumstances only..

Your portfolio will be assessed by trained peers with an excellent knowledge of Girlguiding. They will assess your evidence against the criteria and provide feedback. This will include details of what you are doing really well and what can be developed. If you have left any evidence out, you and your unit will have a chance to resubmit the portfolio.

When you can demonstrate achievement of all of the standards, you and your unit will gain a Quality badge as well as a nationally recognised Quality Mark accredited by Ambition UK.