What participants say about the pilot

What our pilot participants so far say about being involved in Doing Our Best

Feedback from Leaders shows the benefits of following the Quality Standards for everyone in the unit

During 2015 we piloted the Doing Our Best framework with 57 units. At the end of the pilot, we surveyed Leaders about their experiences. Here a summary of what they said.

The positive impact on guiding

  • 76% of Leaders said taking part in the pilot had a positive impact on how they ran their unit and the overall quality of local guiding.
  • Working through the Standards provided Leaders to take action to make their units even better.

More confident Leaders

  • 81% of Leaders felt more confident that they were delivering guiding that was safe, legal and to a good standard after participating in the pilot.
 Working through the pilot has given us confidence that we are doing a good job. It's given us an opportunity to look back on everything we've done and laugh again at the memories. - Quality Pilot participant

Simple ways to make improvements

  • 90% of Leaders said the pilot was a useful guide for identifying areas for improvement in their unit.
  • 86% of Leaders said that the pilot helped them to identify gaps in their unit's current programme and find the right solutions - such as updating safety requirements and trying new activities.
It encouraged us to check our practice and we loved the idea of having a place to celebrate what we do. It has made our guiding even better. - Quality Pilot participant

Better knowledge of guiding

  • Leaders said the pilot refreshed their knowledge about their responsibilities and what Girlguiding required of them as volunteers.

More effective teamwork between volunteers

  • Leaders said that working through the standards improved teamwork amongst unit members.
  • The pilot showed them how to make good the use of everyone’s talents, develop group objectives and create a shared vision for their unit.
Working through the pilot has helped our Leaders work together as a team rather than allocating roles. It has helped us at all levels to understand the requirements of running a good unit. - Quality Pilot participant

More participation from girls

  • The majority of survey respondents said the scheme helped them involve girls more in decision making in the unit.