Doing Our Best

Developing a framework for good quality guiding

How we’re supporting leaders to demonstrate and celebrate great guiding in action

The whole experience was really valuable and positive - by the end we were very proud. It highlighted a couple of areas for development too. - Doing Our Best pilot participant

What is Doing Our Best?

Doing Our Best is a project to develop a quality framework for Girlguiding. This framework is designed to help you put the fundamentals of safe, legal and effective guiding into practice. And build on the principles of guiding outlined in the Five Essentials.

As a leader, Doing Our Best supports you to deliver quality guiding to girls and young women in your unit, and to recognise and reward the continuing contribution of your volunteers. Across our countries and regions, it helps us all to work to a high standard and in a consistent way.

Participating in Doing Our Best

Over the past three years, thousands of volunteers, girls and young women across Girlguiding took part in a pilot of the quality framework. They used sets of quality standards to review the work of their unit, and provided feedback about their experiences.

In 2018 we will use feedback from the pilot to launch new Doing Our Best standards for good quality guiding. These standards won’t be new requirements, but they will be a tool that all volunteers can use to review and celebrate great guiding in action. Find out more about what we learned from the pilot -  and how you can help to test the new standards - in our blog.

Using the standards in your unit

When the new standards launch there will be lots more information to help leaders use them – as well as resources for commissioners and Girlguiding qualified trainers.

In the meantime, you can still use the quality standards from the 2016/17 pilot to help you to plan, to evaluate and to celebrate what you do. These standards are split into three sections, covering the work areas that all youth organisations are expected to deliver to a high quality.

Questions and suggestions

If you would like more information about Doing Our Best, or to tell us how you are using the standards, please contact [email protected].