We will work collaboratively to improve our processes and decision-making

Making the lives of our Unit Leaders easier could make the difference between them staying or leaving Girlguiding. - Lynne, County Commissioner

What does this mean for girls and young women?

We will look after our buildings and our finances – so that when you visit our Activity Centres, you have an amazing experience.

What does this mean for volunteers?

You will be able to get girls off waiting lists and into unit meetings as our membership systems become easier to use.

By 2020...

  • improved systems and processes will make guiding easier
  • there will be less administrative pressure on volunteers
  • more support will be offered behind the scenes.

Your checklist for... Capacity

Follow the six simple steps in this checklist to do your bit for ‘Capacity’ and you will help Girlguiding become even more supportive of our volunteers and improve the way we work.